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Outfit of the Week
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And after some small downtime, we’re back with the Outfit of the Week for this past week! We’ll be going over Tiffany’s, and her fashion en-route to Milan for her photoshoot with Burberry.

It comes as no surprise, given the terms that she and Yuri were headed to Italy for, that both their wardrobes were made up of primarily Burberry products. Probably the biggest portion of the ensemble was her coat, the Oversize Collar Shearing Jacket, which was no doubt set to prepare her for the potentially cold weather they would encounter in Italy. She wore this over an olive green sweater and a pair of deep blue leggings, terminating in a pair of nearly knee-length boots. Her other major Burberry product appeared on her arm, The Big Crush in Nappa Leather, and continued to showcase her fondness for larger bags, as opposed to clutch purses. Finally, she sported a pair of tortoise-shelled aviator glasses, a typical airport accessory for all members. Her hair was done simply, straight with a part in the middle, and a deep brown color.

Congrats Tiffany on having the Outfit of the Week.

Outfit of the Week
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In this bone-chilling season, what’s better than snuggling in a warm, fur jacket?

As our girls travel to and fro Japan, which are both countries below freezing, their ensembles are much more conservative and snug. This week, coincidentally, our double-S duo Sooyoung and Seohyun wore fur jackets at the Gimpo Airport. Maknae Diva Seohyun strutted in a pair of white skinny jeans and a medium brown pilot jacket  with a wheat coloured sweater underneath. Keeping her delicate legs warm are a pair of matching fur lined hiking boots.

On the other hand, Sooyoung chose a cream colored jacket with a checkered shirt and denim jeans. Her Gray Velocite Shearling Jacket showcased more details such as a leather buckled belt and cuffs. Instead of wearing hiker boots, Sooyoung adorned a pair of simple ankle boots.

Who worked the Fur Jacket more, Sooyoung or Seohyun?

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Outfit of the Week
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After a few “slow weeks”, the members had such a good showing this week channeling their inner fashionistas that we have not one, but TWO outfits that we feel are deserving of mention.

Stepping out at a STONEHENGE sponsored fansign, Jessica showcased a lovely deep green knee-length dress that perfectly accentuated her slim legs and well-proportioned torso. Under the dress she wore a feminine Oxford style blouse, essentially making it a two-piece ensemble save for the shoes. Her shoes were black heels, adding some height to one of the shorter members of the group, and her famous hair was done in a tasteful parted style with a slight wave to it.

Sooyoung on the other hand, opted for an even simpler look, consisting of just a dress, with no shirt underneath, or needed for the manner. But the dress didn’t it, anyway. A beautiful blue-on-cream piece, the dress accentuated her body to such a degree, it made her already statuesque figure look even taller (shocking, I know!), possibly even tall enough to walk the runways of Milan or London. Added on to that, her black heels with gold accents probably added another 3 inches, making her, well, I’m sure she turned some heads that day with her height and figure!

Congrats to both members on their winning outfits!

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Outfit of the Week
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Looking absolutely divine at the M.Net Asian Music Awards, Hyoyeon takes the title this week for outfit of the week. Smiling ear-to ear, Hyoyeon opted for a fresh, youthful look as she took to the stage with band member, Seohyun to accept a award.

Wearing a short silhouette, Hyoyeon’s dress details included printed green vines and silver chains around the bodice and a pleated skirt that fell loosely from the waist. Adding complimentary colours to her look, Hyo wore a statement chain featuring an array of colourful stones.

With toned legs on display, Hyoyeon added height to her look with a towering, twinkling embellished pump. She finishes her look opting for a fresh make-up look with a pop of pink on the lips and loose, lush waves. Wow.

With award season right around the corner, Hyoyeon is off to a great start and we can only wonder what amazing fashion concoctions the girls have in store for us.

Outfit of the Week
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Strutting in wearing this week’s Outfit of the Week is the very lovely Sooyoung!

On this week’s SBS Midnight TV Entertainment, Sooyoung presented herself in a floral print matching ensemble courtesy of Ko So Young. While she was unable to show it for the majority of the broadcast, being in a stationary position, the skirt portion allowed her to once again showcase her famed legs, while the color scheme meshed very well with her slightly tan skin tone. Her hair was neatly done up in the back, and no other accessories were needed for her.

Congrats to Sooyoung!

Outfit of the Week
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Firstly, let us scream three cheers for our girls on winning the YTMA awards despite the fierce competition. Hip-hip hooray!

As our girls journey ‘into the new world’ of the international market of music, Fany did not let us Sones down with this magnificent outfit at the red carpet of the YTMA Music Awards. This Mary Katrantzou Dress features multi-colored tree prints with a kind of water color, wet-on-wet effect which illumines a dreamy and enchanting aura. Kudos must be given to the stylist on shortening the dress to the knee, making this dress looking more classical and elegant. With this fantastic plus sophisticated dress, Tiffany only adorned a pair of simple black peep-toe heels with gold embellishments.

Lastly, Tiffany curled her hair and had it side swept concurrently showing her delicate collarbones conjuring more elegance and class. A thumbs up for SNSD for the award and the stylists for this jaw dropping outfit!


Outfit of the Week
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As Girls’ Generation Yuri debuted in the big screen with her movie ‘No Breathing’, Hyoyeon attained the honour of OTW while supporting her fellow group mate at the movie’s premiere.

This simple bodycon dress hugged Hyoyeon’s body and perfectly presented her S curves. The little black dress had a simple ripple effect which adds interest to it. Yet the most eye-catching part must be the cut  out detail on her front chess (there is also a cutout detail at her back too!) which contrasts with the rather conservative crew neck collar. The whole ensemble was simply completed by a pair of black pumps.

Congratulations to Hyoyeon for winning this week’s OTW with this sleek, simple, all-black outfit!