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Yoona: MICHAEL Michael Kors
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MICHAEL Michael Kors:

White Trench Coat @ michaelkors.co.kr ₩610,000

Medium Cece Chain Bag  @ michaelkors.co.kr ₩590,000


MICHAEL Michael Kors:

Tech Twill Bomber Jacket @ michaelkors.com $195

Floral Matte Jersey Slip Dress @ michaelkors.com $175


MICHAEL Michael Kors:

Paper Nylon Popover Jacket @ michaelkors.com $165

Floral Appliqué Lace Skirt @ michaelkors.com $195

Whitney Large Studded Leather Bag @ michaelkors.com $398

Cunningham Leather Sandal @ michaelkors.com $130


MICHAEL Michael Kors:

Floral Chiffon Tiered Dress @ michaelkors.com $175

Pink Sneakers @ michaelkors.com ₩290,000


MICHAEL Michael Kors:

Drapey Trench Coat @ michaelkors.co.kr ₩650,000

Cece Extra Small Leather Crossbody Bag @ michaelkors.com $298 

Lena Leather Sandal @ michaelkors.com $99


MICHAEL Michael Kors:

Botanical Print Georgette Shirtdress @ michaelkors.com $175


MICHAEL Michael Kors:

Paper Nylon Anorak @ michaelkors.com $195

Whitney Large Frayed Denim Bag @ michaelkors.com $328

Flounced Cropped Skinny Jeans @ michaelkors.co.kr ₩230,000

Blue Sneakers @ michaelkors.co.kr ₩310,000


MICHAEL Michael Kors:

Flower Printed Dress @ michaelkors.co.kr ₩350,000

Cece Medium Leather Shoulder Bag @ michaelkors.com $358

Cunningham Leather Sandal @ michaelkors.com $130


MICHAEL Michael Kors:

Leather Motto Jacket @ michaelkors.com $495

Heart Print T-shirt @ michaelkors.co.kr ₩270,000

Heart Print Skirt @ michaelkors.co.kr ₩290,000

As seen on: ELLE Korea Magazine, March 2019 Issue

Images Credit: ggpm2012.com

Yoona: Michael Kors Collection, MICHAEL Michael Kors
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Michael Kors Collection: Spring / Summer 2019 Collection @ michaelkors.com (Price upon application)

MICHAEL Michael Kors: Cece Extra Small Leather Crossbody Bag @ michaelkors.com $298


Michael Kors Collection: Pre-Fall 2017 Collection @ michaelkors.com (Price upon application)

As seen at: Michael Kors Show at New York Fashion Week, 02/13/19

Seohyun: MICHAEL Michael Kors, Suecomma Bonnie, Décke and more
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MICHAEL Michael Kors: Fringed Merino Wool and Cashmere Turtleneck @ michaelkors.com $195 $102.38
Suecomma Bonnie: Split Pointed Toe Thigh-high Boots @ suecommabonnie.com ₩798,00o


Décke: Dj Ladybug Medium @ thehandsome.com ₩785,00o
ANA CAPRI: Chic Feminine Handmade Coat @ cash-stores.com 259,000

As seen at: KBS building, 01/20/17

SNSD: Valentino, Carven, MICHAEL Michael Kors
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Valentino: A-Line Dress @ Farfetch.com


MICHAEL Michael Kors:

Leopard Print Tuxedo Blazer @ Shop.nordstrom.com

Leopard Print Shorts (No longer available)


CarvenCrystal-embellished woven wool coat Net-a-porter.com

As seen at: SMTOWN Land at Coex Artium Pre-Opening Event 12/23/14

MICHAEL Michael Kors Image Credit: Song of Style

SNSD: Tommy Hilfiger, Vivienne Westwood, Balenciaga, and more
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Seohyun Hilfiger Westwood

Tommy Hilfiger: Fayna Polkadot Dress @ Houseoffraser.co.uk £40 
Vivienne Westwood: Logo Plaque Backpack @ Farfetch.com $277

Hyoyeon Balenciaga

Balenciaga: Arena Stud Leather Sandals @ Matchesfashion.com $745

Taeyeon MK

MICHAEL Michael Kors: Small Hamilton Travel Messenger @ Michaelkors.com $298

Jessica HyeParkLune

Hye Park and Lune: Stella Short Sleeve T-shirt @ Hyeparkandlune.com $84

As seen at: Incheon Airport, 08/12/2014

Review: MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma Satchel
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Seohyun Selma

A review on MICHAEL Michael Kors’ Selma Satchel as seen with Seohyun.

If you’re a very practical bag addict just like me, you know you’ll appreciate a quality handbag that’s one-tenth the price of a Chanel. Fortunately, MICHAEL Michael Kors makes our pursuit for the perfect affordable bag easier. Described by Purseblog.com as “the best thing going under $400″, MICHAEL Michael Kors’ Selma Satchel made the biggest impression.

The Selma satchel is a medium to large bag that measures 10 inches high, 13 inches wide, and 6 inches deep. The bag consists of top handles, a slim shoulder strap that’s removable, and four feet below to support the bottom of the bag. The interior is lined with MK monogram fabric and pockets for a phone and other stuff. The bag comes in both gold and silver hardware and a wide selection of colors. The Selma also sports the winged sides which are a trend among bags nowadays.

Seohyun was seen carrying this handbag at the airport last April. Hers is in the white with gold hardware while mine is in a vibrant red orange with gold hardware. Up until now, this bag is still one of my go-to bags to carry to school and nights out. I listed a few reasons why I’m still in love with this bag.

First and foremost, the quality is beyond amazing for a bag that’s priced $358. Even though the saffiano leather is not yet comparable to Prada’s saffiano, the texture is still beautiful and you can tell it can withstand mistreatments. My Selma braved through a lot being with me but it’s still standing up like it’s brand new. And something I just want to point out is that the zipper runs very smoothly, which is always a plus.

It can also fit a lot of stuff; and if you’re someone who basically brings your whole room in your bag, you’ll definitely love the Selma. Because the bag is structured, you can organize your things better and be able to look through it without difficulty. The bag is also filled with pockets that are easy to reach into, a latch for your keys, and a zipped compartment to keep valuables like I do.

Lastly, the option to carry it on the crook of your arm or on your shoulders is a thumbs’ up for me! I’m a huge fan of the arm-crook hook but it can be tiring, especially if your bag weighs a ton. With the removable strap, your problem is solved! The bag can go from corporate to casual with just how you carry it.

However, what really sold me is the design of the bag – hands down. Clean and simple, the bag doesn’t even try hard but it stands out. A simple logo on the front speaks so much of the bag’s elegance and its color and shape full of confidence, just what I like my bags to be.

Though I’d love it if this article is all good points about the bag but it won’t be a review without a few setbacks, but trust me, they’re not deal-breakers.

A minor issue I have with the bag is the squeaking of the top handles when in use. I’m not sure if it’s just my bag or the friction between the leathers but it’s not something to worry about. Another is that the wings leave small openings on the sides since the zipper doesn’t cover the whole top of the bag. Just saying, if you’re paranoid with the security of your belongings; though the gap is small enough that people won’t be able to reach into your bag.

My verdict: this bag is a must-have for both bag collectors and people who are in the market for a practical and trendy bag. Winged bags are still flying high and above and it won’t go anywhere anytime soon. So if you’re looking for a winged bag that could bring you to seventh heaven, consider buying the Selma satchel!

Rating: 4.8/5

MICHAEL Michael Kors now sells the Selma in different sizes and styles. Check out Michaelkors.com and bring home a Selma you fancy!