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Tiffany: Verutum, IRO, Valentino, and more
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Verutum: Pigment Sweatshirt @ verutum.com ₩159,000 



Maroja Sweater @ fwrd.com $494

Ruffle Mini Skirt @ farfetch.com $332

Valentino: Small Supervee Crossbody Bag @ valentino.com $1,995



Long Sleeved Blouse @ danhaseoul.com $153.15 

Gold Norigae @ danhaseoul.com $21 

Gold Norigae Hanbok Skirt @ danhaseoul.com $174 


Lie Sang Bong: Spring / Summer 2012 Collection

As seen on: SBS Entertainment – K-Culture Festival

Sooyoung: Bottega Veneta, Christian Dior, Gucci, Kaal E. Suktae, Ji Choi, Jardin de Choutte, Lie Sang Bong, DKNY, Alexander Wang, Coming Step, J.ESTINA
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Bottega Veneta: Spring 2012 RTW Collection
Christian Dior: Colorblock Ankle-wrap Sandals @ Bergdorfgoodman.com $1,100

Gucci: Back Drape Dress @ Gucci.com $4,200


Kaal E. Suktae: Spring 2012 Collection
Ji Choi: Spring 2012 Collection

Jardin de Choutte: Spring 2012 Collection

Lie Sang Bong: Spring 2012 Collection
Christian Dior: Colorblock Ankle-wrap Sandals @ Bergdorfgoodman.com $1,100

DKNY: Oversize Silk Dress @ Farfetch.com $405
Alexander Wang: Collared Vest Top @ Farfetch.com $351

Coming Step: Two-tone Collar Blouse @ Lotteimall.com ~$142
J.ESTINA: Fame Clutch Bag @ Jestina.co.kr ~$324

As seen in: InStyle Magazine, April 2012 Issue

Image Credit: Withsosi

SNSD: Lie Sang Bong, Mzuu
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Lie Sang Bong: Fall 2009 RTW Collection
Thanks to Rei for the tip!

Mzuu: Novel Way Necklace @ Mzuu.co.kr $66

Lie Sang Bong: Fall 2010 RTW Collection

Lie Sang Bong: Fall 2008 RTW Collection

Mzuu: Kiss the Rain Bracelet @ Mzuu.co.kr $110,88

Mzuu: Flower Runner @ Mzuu.co.kr  $79,20

As seen in: The Boys Music Video

Yoona: Who Wore it Better
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As seen in the 24/7 MV Press Conference in February of 2009. Yoona is wearing the Yellow Speckle Dress by Lie Sang Bong. She had also complemented the dress with sandal heels. Goo Hyesun has also been seen wearing this dress in the drama Boys Over Flowers having a black fur shawl over the dress with black tights and heels.

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