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Outfit of the Week
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Right before promoting Girls Generation’s new song, ‘Mr. Mr.’, they showcased a range of outfits with distinctive styles at the Gimpo Airport. Out of the collection, Jessica’s outfit claimed the OTW.

Simple yet classy, Jessica carried a black double breasted blazer from Balmain, the blazer has delicate buttons with a rather broad shoulder cutting, looking rather powerful yet not losing femininity. This typical Jessica outfit includes a white blouse with frill details at the collar and a pair of blue-grey, shiny jeggings. Tracing down, is a pair of color blocked heels.

Wait, this OTW post is still lacking 1 thing and it definitely enlightens the post. Jessica is carrying a Hermes Kelly Bag! Us Soshi Stylists were thrilled to see this bag joining Jessica’s high end fashion collection but,well, not too surprised as everyone knows our Queen Jessica has fashion items fit for a queen. This Kelly bag is really popular among Hollywood stars and celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Miranda Kerr etc.

All in all, congratulations to Jessica for winning away our OTW and we hope to see more fashion upgrades in GG’s wardrobe! (Hinting the ultimate bag of the decade: BIRKIN!)

Outfit of the Week
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Last week, we had Yuri go 2-in-a-row, but this week voters decided it’s all Taeyeon, and just in time for her birthday as well!

On-stage at last week’s M.Net Countdown, Taeyeon showcased a simple but sophisticated ensemble as she and SHINee’s Jonghyun charmed us with “Breath”. Taeyeon was adorned with a navy blue dress, thigh-length mind you, and with a slight flair at the waist to accentuate her already tiny waist(and probably to try and make her look taller with the length). Around her neck hung a tiered necklace adorned with jewels and shimmers, adding to an otherwise “plain” outfit, and giving it some elegance. A pair of black pumps with nude soles finished off the ensemble.

Congrats Taeyeon, and happy early birthday!

Outifit of the Week
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It’s Monday and here comes another round of OTW… The winner goes to Yuri again!

Yuri’s favourite color has always been black or colors with a darker shade. But for this season, she tried on more bold prints and lighter colors. This time she wore a whole-white ensemble at 2econd floor’s opening event and nailed it! Yuri’s buttoned on a white blouse with geometric patterns on the side, the patterns narrows audience’s focus and gain the attention as the triangles point back to her. The pants also had similar pattern which acts a shade for her curvy legs, creating a thinner silhouette. Black might make you look skinnier but it is simply too boring, this is the ultimate way to wear light colors yet not making you look fat and puffy! A thumbs up to the stylists! This simple look is finished off with loosely tied hair and a pair of black pumps!

Let’s see if Yuri can continue on keeping her throne of OTW or another fellow member would take over!

Outfit Of The Week
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After some close voting, you guys decided that Yuri’s beautiful red dress at the 3rd Gaon Chart awards was the winner for the week, and I’m all too happy to oblige with that.

Though she’s typically seen wearing darker colors like navy blue or black at awards ceremonies, her stylist opted to put her out in red for the awards. No complaints there, after seeing what she picked out for her, I’d say give her a raise! The strapless dress she wore did nothing but accentuate and showcase her beautiful S-line and curves,  while leaving just enough to the imagination with it’s cut to prevent it from being classless. There was no reason to add anything else to the outfit, and thankfully no shawls or coats made an appearance to damper it. Accessory wise, all that was seen was a pair of small diamond earrings, and her shoes, though barely visible, appear to be a pair of colorful leopard heels. Her hair was done up, leading to a very chic look overall.

Congrats to Yuri for winning this week, and thank you all for your votes!

Outfit of the Week
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After 2 weeks of nearly-zero-appearance, this week we managed to gather 3 outfits and our recipient of OTW is Sunny!

Still remember Sunny had pixie short hair during the promotion of ‘The Boys’ (and I am sure all of you guys are waiting for GG’s another comeback) and how you gasped in awe when you saw those teasers leaked out? It had already been 2 years and our blonde Sunny had grown her hair and became a brunette, her flowy, loosely curled and blunt bangs gained much attention at the Furla S/S Presentation.

Sunny shined from head to toe in a figure hugging dress which perfectly presents her curve and the neckline of the monotone dress had gem embellishments. Down to her feet, Sunny adorned a pair of peep-toe heels with gold soles, adding a feminine touch to the outfit. How could this outfit be complete without a vibrant leopard clutch from Furla?

Give a round of applause to Sunny and remember to continue to vote in next week’s OTW!

Outfit of the Week – Jessica at the 23rd Seoul Music Awards
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We asked, you voted, and the first winner of our new Outfit of the Week is…Jessica from the recent Seoul Music Awards!

As the theme for Girls’ Generations’ ensemble that night was “dark”, it comes as no surprise that Jessica’s outfit fit the scheme, being mostly black. What set her apart though was the fact her dress was accentuated by a white Peter Pan collar, which alongside it’s sheer chest portion, allowed her to stand out amongst the members, as you guys have decided. This being an award show, no bags or glasses made an appearance, and she wore a simple pair of patent pumps to finish it off.

Congrats to Jessica for winning this week, and thank you all for voting!

Outfit of the Week
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Probably busy for preparing GG’s Korean comeback, our girls weren’t too active in public events and only had showed up for a music award ceremony for the past week. Unfortunately there weren’t any special night gowns or dresses we saw that were stunning for the new year.

To our surprise the only public appearance which was attended by Yuri catched our attention. Yuri turned up at the ‘Miss Granny’ Movie Premiere with a Kenzo outfit with an oriental groove. The blue coat is double breasted coat with padded shoulders and the pattern is probably inspired by crocodile skin, wearing simply a blue shirt to cohere the colour of her coat. The highlight of this outfit had to be the pair of tiger print pants she wore, Kenzo has always favourited tiger print and this slim cut pants with an optical tiger print is eye catching, striking a balance between the flashy coat and the fancy pants.

Speaking of a new year, OTW will have a new format next week to welcome the new year so stay tuned for our updates for more and better Soshi Styling experiences! (: