Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is there no direct link to the item or no link at all to buy the item? What is “price upon application”?

We try our best to provide a purchase link in every post however are unable to due to one of the reasons below:

1. The item is completely sold out

2. The item is not available for online purchase

If a link to the brand page has been provided with the note (Price upon application), this means that you can contact the brand directly with inquiries about the sale of a product. It is quite often that we will leave a link to the brand site and note as quoted above as the product in question can only be purchased in store.

2. The item in the image of the member(s) seen with the product appears different to the image and link to the product you have provided.

The item the members are wearing or seen with can appear different to the image of the product provided due to alterations made to the product or the angle, lighting, or image size of the photo of the member. Additionally, sometimes the product will only be available online in a different colour or print – this will be noted at the footer of the post.

3. I know what they are wearing in a picture and you have not posted it. What do I do?

Send an image of the member(s) wearing/with the item along with a link or name of the item to: [email protected]

Before emailing please use the search bar to check/backtrack to see that the item has not been previously posted.

4. One of your entries is wrong, the item is identified wrong.

Email us with a link to the entry and we will try to fix it a.s.a.p.

5. Why do you not offer Ebay links?

We do not offer Ebay links to items listed as items on Ebay are not subjected to a long period of offers and availability of purchase.

6. The image you have provided does not show the member with the item at all.

In the case of make-up, magazine features will identify the products they have used on the member. While with shoes or any other item, the item may not be seen but the member is wearing it in accordance to the magazine’s details of what the member is wearing in the magazine.

7. Hey! I tipped you and you haven’t credited me!

Post images need to be photoshopped, graphic designers are very busy and post images can be delayed up to 1-4 weeks. So if you have not been credited it is either because we have already found the item before you and we’re awaiting for the post image to be done or someone has tipped us before you.

Please note any abusive comments will be deleted immediately and reported. Any complaints or concerns should directly be emailed and referred to M (email – [email protected]).