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Outfit of the Week
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After a short delay due to server issues, we’re back for this week’s outfit of the week, where after a close vote, Jessica again walked away with the Reader’s choice, while we here at Style picked Seohyun as ours!


The Ice Princess strutted out of Incehon last Wednesday in a chic but comfortable outfit that was just perfect for the occasion. She paired a light beige floral print top with a high waisted teal skirt that meshed very well in coloration and tone, and allowed her to stand out amongst the other members fashion choices. Rather than wearing heels or flats, Jessica opted for a pair of grey-and-white trainers with matching grey socks, meaning she could not only be comfortable, but also be able to outrun any paparazzi(kidding!). She also sported a small leather clutch, and her ever present sunglasses.


We here at Style couldn’t get enough for Seohyun’s white ensemble, as the overall style of the outfit, minus the shoes, hearkens back to the white gym outfits they wore in the “Into The New World” MV.  Her bold DKNY sweatshirt was the centerpiece, and emblazoned with a graphical print, draws a lot of attention to it and showcased a hint of edge. The bagginess of the sweatshirt made her skirt look shorter than it was, which also draws attention to her toned legs. Her ASH white leather wedge sneakers stuck with the casual theme of the ensemble, and she completed it with a square laptop bag and sunglasses.

Congrats to Jessica for being the Reader’s choice and Seohyun for being the Stylist’s Choice. And of course, thank you all for voting!

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Outfit of the Week
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A week has passed after all the hustle and bustle at the airport. Unfortunately, Jessica couldn’t continue her winning streak of OTW and her prize was snatched way by Taeyeon, who strutted in confidence with her outfit at the Gimpo Airport.

Taeyeon stylized herself with a summer casual look, showing up in white shorts and a printed-navy sleeveless shirt. Instead of hiding her face with her hair or had her face covered with shades, she was glinting with her bare face and a few trace of eyeliners. Taeyeon demonstrated the summer-relaxing-chill mood with a pair of wedge sneakers with laser cutouts some cool black Bang & Olufsen Headphones and a small Chanel bag. Our summer-ready Taeyeon even waved to the camera, say Cheese!

Thanks for your vote and we hope to see more OTWs worn by different members!

Outfit of the Week
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After this past weeks’ big deal, featuring several coming-and-going outfits and members, Jessica’s 5/22 outfit leaving Gimpo turned out to be the winner for this week. No wonder she’s getting her own reality show with Krystal about fashion!

Simple is as simple does, and Jessica made simple look even simpler with this look. A loose-fit blouse and ripped jeans is really all she’s sporting, and is reminiscent of what one might have seen worn by trendy high school girls in the US in the early 2000′s. A pair of Nanvin sneakers added some utility to the mix, being much more comfortable to strut around in the airport than heels. Her 2 accessories were a Goyard clutch bag with a geometric pattern and a lovely pair of tortoiseshell Karen Walker sunglasses.

However, we here at Style couldn’t quite pick between Sooyoung and Seohyun for our favorite, so we’ll be showcasing both!


Many of the stylists could not get enough of Seohyun’s soft, spring ensemble. The flowing floral top and the skinny white pants were paired perfectly with the nude heels and white Michael Kors leather bag. Even though she wore plenty of white, it fortunately did not wash her out with kudos to her can’t-leave-home-without-these-sunglasses and luscious dark brown hair.


Clad in ACNE, Sooyoung’s outfit held masculine undertones that we felt she pulled off really well. The denim jacket and sequinned shorts did a fantastic job in standing out from the pack and was a nice departure from the short skirts and pants we are accustomed to seeing. The looseness of the shorts is definitely something we really hope she brings out again in the future. Finally, the knit beanie was the proverbial icing on the cake, as it provided just the right amount of attitude without being too overly try hard.

Congrats to Jessica for winning this week’s outfit of the week, Sooyoung and Seohyun for co-winning the Stylist pick(s), and thank you all for voting!


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Outfit of the Week
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This week, Yoona carried us away with her appearance at a Chanel fashion show in Dubai. Once again, SNSD proved to us the simplicity of ‘Less is More’ again with her wearing Chanel’s signature knit dress with decorative trims of familiar Chanel tweed fabrics. Yoona tossed away unnecessary accessories  and took along a Strass Boy Bag with her, polishing the outfit are some black patent pumps. The overall look is sincere and Yoona delicately showed us her sheer elegance and beauty.

Outfit of the Week
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Here comes the week of another OTW and without further adieu, let us present with this black outfit worn by no other than Jessica.  Jessica wore a black sleeve shirt dress with a pocket detail on her chest, the dress lengthens up to her thighs, exposing her lean limbs. To make up the exposure of her legs, Jessica cut down the sexiness by wearing possibly her favourite brand of sneakers with grey anklet socks. The dull tone ensemble is completed with her black Hermes bag.

Congratulations to Jessica and remember to vote next week!

Outfit of the Week
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After a huge poll, where every member showcased a between 1-2 outfits en route to Gimpo for their Japan tour, Jessica’s outfit on 4/28 walked away with this week’s “Reader’s Choice” poll while Tiffany was our “Stylist Choice” for outfit worn on 5/2.

Simplicity was the name of the game when it came to Jessica. Sporting only two colors, black and white, the Ice Princess managed to wow voters once again in this 3-piece fashion statement. She started it off with a simple 3/4 length blazer over a white blouse, a style she’s brought out several times in the past. Moving lower, a pair of skinny ankle-length pants made her already thin frame seem even thinner, especially when they terminated at the ankle instead of her shoes. Speaking of shoes, patent leather flats are what she opted for, and shone brightly against the otherwise cotton ensemble.  No sunglasses this time around, but she was sporting a leather handbag, as per the norm.


We hear at Style couldn’t get enough of Tiffany’s outfit, and gave it our nod as the “Stylist’s Choice.”

In a big contrast to Jessica’s “black-and-white” outfit, Tiffany went for a very colorful choice when it came from her top. Her printed RED Valentino top draws the most attention of any piece of this wardrobe. The design seems to pop-up off her, giving it almost a 3-D aspect. She paired this eclectic piece with denim shorts, also Valentino branded, and her soft white legs also added to the color scheme as well as contrasting to the pure white top with their cream color. Her feet were adorned with a pair of Miu Miu strapped pumps, almost gladiator-like in appearance, and continue the trend of unique items in unique situations. Finally, a black handbag and sunglasses completed the ensemble and left her looking chic.

Congrats to Jessica and Tiffany for winning, and thank you all again for voting!

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Outfit of the Week
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After last week’s Stylist choice, we returned this week with your votes, and surprise surprise, Jessica walked away with  your vote, in this piece she wore alongside Krystal on her way to LA from Incheon.

Jessica started off with a cream-colored top, accentuated with holes, which showed off her lithe upper body, as well as a Spring color to go along with it. Moving down, she wore a high-waisted black denim skirt, slightly distressed which terminates quickly into her long, beautiful legs. Her feet were adorned with the same black leather/white soled slip-ons as her sister, which complimented her wardrobe excellently. Finally, she wore her typical Ray Ban’s to avoid the glare of the sun and the flashes coming from the paparazzi.

Congrats to Jessica for her win this past week, and thank you all for your votes!

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