Get your PARTY hair!
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It has been a while since the girls have prepared for a summer comeback (the last summer comeback being Genie). Typically, the girls tend to have a comeback in the winter months. With a bright and summery comeback in full swing, it is without a doubt that the girls’ hair colours took a relatively drastic change as well. Let’s take a closer look at each of the member’s hair colour!


Starting the list off with Yoona, Yoona had arguably the most drastic change in terms of hair colour for this promotion cycle. Switching to blonde hair for the first time ever since her debut, a shock wave came over us SONEs as leaked pictures at a staff’s weddings were first revealed to us about Yoona’s new hair colour. We easily got used to Yoona’s hair colour though because the light yellow complimented her pale skin tone extremely well and made her even ‘shinier’ (if that is even possible!). However, our delight did not last long as Yoona recently became a brunette again, possibly for the next promotion cycle? Who knows!

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