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Outfit of the Week
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With Girls’ Generation going to and fro Korea for various events and photoshoots, our LA Girl delighted us with a summery outfit at the Incheon Airport while heading to Bali, Indonesia.

Tiffany wore Topshop from head to toe with, the fiery red dress with animal prints doubtlessly corresponds with the hot weather in Bali. Completing this tropical look is a pair of Leather Platform Sandals with lazer cut details. To accent the black colour on the animal prints, ‘The Girls who is On Fire’ carried a black Chanel flap bag and a gold-studded-black bangle.

A round of applause for this radiant and sultry ensemble worn by Tiffany!

Outfit of the Week
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In another busy week filled with outfits, this trendy little number worn by Yoona during her appearance at the Samsonite RED F/W 2013 event earned her this weeks Outfit of the Week honors. Let’s take a closer look!

Much like Seohyun’s winning outfit last week, Yoona opted for a very simplistic get-up, consisting of only three pieces. The centerpiece of course was her dress, an embellished dress from Alexander McQueen, which though primarily black, managed to stand out with it’s triangular array of gold studs positioned at the neckline. Moving down our dear girl’s outfit(or deer girl, depending if you want to make the pun or not), a pair of simple black heels with a cream trim accentuated her already light and trim legs. Her lone accessory, an orange cross bag from Alexander McQueen, added a subtle “pop” to the outfit without drawing too much attention.

Congrats to Yoona for winning this week’s Outfit of the Week.

Outfit of the Week
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Though she may the youngest, maknae Seohyun currently seeks to top her unnie’s when it comes to fashion, showcasing yet another stellar outfit for the 2nd week in a row, this time at the Hair Couture event held earlier in the week.

Despite it being only made up of a few pieces, Seohyun made her outfit a centerpiece of the event. Most evident was her black-and-gray striped skirt, which showed off her lengthy legs, showing her growing maturity. Her top was a flowing sleeveless number, revealing her milky white arms(watch out for those elbows!) while remaining modest. A pair of pink heels added to her already noticeable height, and sought to give an even greater image of height and stature, while not drawing too much attention. Accessory wise, she donned only a white watch. In a very unusual change though, her normally solid-colored hair was affixed with pink highlights, possibly the most shocking part of the otherwise formal outfit.

With her sophisticated style making us swoon 2 weeks in a row, it wouldn’t surprise me to see her gracing another magazine spread sometime soon. Congrats again Seohyun!

Outfit of the Week
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Seohyun wins the spotlight with her fun and dainty outfit! We’re seeing her in full bloom as she takes on the Soshi-world in style. At Incheon Airport heading to Taiwan for the continuation their 2013 World Tour, we see SeoLady who was as luminous as her outfit (and who was also very excited to snap some shots with minions).

The styling of her outfit is eccentric, effortless, and chic. With most of the girls wearing short-length skirts or shorts for summer, Seohyun stood out by choosing a mid-length pencil skirt. The light blue lace detail on the skirt makes it very feminine, while it’s donned with more whimsical pieces. The graphic art print of her Paul & Joe Sister tee and the camel color of her Suecomma Bonnie heels features as the sunset-tones to the ensemble, all of which perfectly contrasts her skirt. To match the tones of her tee and heels, Seohyun graced an orange clutch which laid on her shoulders. Seohyun puts on a white cardigan which is tied together with the other pieces by a brown belt to cinch her slender waist.

Her hair and make-up is kept simple and natural. Seohyun’s skin is healthy and dewy as it also emphasizes her clear complexion. Baby pink lips keeps her sweet, while her simple straight hair makes the look more carefree.

Seohyun is quite charming in this ensemble! Congrats to her for having this weeks Outfit of the Week!

Image credits: KpopStarz, Nakus32, The Graces

Outfit of the Week
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Yuri had been known for perfectly proportioned body and her 11-shaped abs. This week’s outfit of the week showcases Yuri’s honey thighs and her well-toned legs. Yuri made an appearance with the sporty Hyoyeon at the Dancing 9 press conference with a Lucky Chouette Outfit and UGG Sandals. The puffed sleeve blouse displays interesting cloud prints whereas the flared skirt seemed silky and flowy. She showed off her no-photoshop-yet-awing legs with the mini length of her skirt, the sandals also let us admire her body from head to toe. Curtaining off, Yuri had slightly curled hair with light pink lip gloss. She accessorized her ensemble with a ring and some leather bracelets.

Yuri’s midnight workout (see SNSD StarLife theater) despite her hectic schedule definitely paid out, keep up the great body Yuri!

Outfit of the Week
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Fashionista Jessica has been known for her usage of various brands of high-end fashion products and being a regular attendee of  fashion events and high exposure to the press. It is not out of our expectations that she was invited by the leading French luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, to attend their COEX store opening.

Jessica made a dazzling entrance with a 60s inspired, sleek, nude checkered print dress that embeds a significant V neckline and pocket details. Matching up with her ivory-colored dress, she paired some nude gladiator pumps with little bows on it. She colorized the monotone dress with a bright yellow Envelope bag and her coral pink lips. Jessica’s beehive hair was secured by the Alice headband from the runway, but her droopy fringe made her hairstyle sloppy and careless, thus becoming a shortcoming of the ensemble.

A round of applause to Jessica for reclaiming her throne of OOTW again!


Outfit of the Week
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Attending her first event as the Asian Ambassador for Topshop, Hyoyeon earned this week’s Outfit of the Week honors with this minimalist yet stylish outfit.

Unlike most other winning outfit’s that are made of several pieces and accessories, Hyoyeon’s outfit is extremely basic, consisting of only a dress and heels. Her dress was a pure white bead shift dress, from Topshop of course, that showcased her toned dancers legs. Her shoes were lime court shoes, accented with suede for a little extra flair. Her nearly platinum blonde hair was worn down with wavy curls, and not a single accessory graced her form.

Congrats to Hyoyeon for taking home this week’s Outfit of the Week honors!