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Outfit of the Week
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First of all, we Soshi Stylists would like to express our deepest condolences to the victims of the Sewol Ferry accident. To pay our respect to the incident, we decided to suspend the OTW poll for the week.

Our winner of the week is Jessica, who flew to her homeland, California, for a Jimmy Choo event. Probably because she has court advantage, Jessica shimmered with glamour in this clean but swank outfit. This summer, crop tops is a frenzy, the pearl decorations on the neckline replaces the position of a statement necklace so as to lighten up the rather plain top. The pair of black skinny was a well presentation of Jessica’s lean figure and not to mention, her envious 11-abs. How could this outfit be perfect without a pair of heels? Shining in the spotlight, Jessica slipped in a pair of Cinderella shoes – glitter-finished pumps from Jimmy Choo.

Outfit of the Week
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After quite the streak, Jessica has finally been dethroned as the Outfit of the Week queen by none other than Taeyeon, in an outfit she showcased on her way to Thailand.

“Milky white” was the tone of the ensemble to say the least. Each piece complimented Taeyeon’s famous skin accordingly. She started with a cream colored collared shirt, buttoned up fully, with an over sized cardigan draped over her petite frame. Going down, she added a pair of white-striped shorts, which gave is a hint of prep and posh, and also accentuated her shapely, though short, legs. Lastly, a pair of white wedge sneakers finished off the outfit, and she added a black clutch bag. She wore her hair down and straight, and surprisingly did not opt for sunglasses.


However, we couldn’t finish off this post without talking about Sunny’s amazing outfit at the “Rio 2″ premiere. A blue and white floral mini dress was the centerpiece, and only piece in a sense, and it looked amazing on her. She wore some studded wedge heels, studded of all things, and a butterfly necklace. Lastly, her hair was beautifully waved and let down, a real stunner to say the least.

Congrats to Taeyeon for winning the poll, and Sunny for winning the Stylist nod!

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Outfit of the Week
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Ice Princess Jessica has been dominating the top places of the OTW poll, for this week, it is already her 5th consecutive week for winning! The Viewers’ Choice of the week is this casual spring outfit, worn by Jessica at the Studswar Store Launch event. Her Goen J sleeveless top  is composed of white laces, and the laces were not sewn together at the bottom of the top, making her waist looming between the lace. Completing this look is a pair of light denim jeans and some jewel-embellished sneakers for Studswar.

As voted by you viewers, this outfit is deemed the Viewers’ Choice of the week with its spring freshness. Yet we stylists think the lace that is swinging off her shoulder is kind of overwhelming compared to our choice of OTW.


Hereby, we present our Stylists’ Selection which is Seohyun’s outfit at the Salvatore Ferragamo ‘L’Icona’ event. She stunned us stylist as she flounced up the stairs to the stage with this pearl grey dress with string details at the back and a belt to enhance her waistline. The dress was also asymmetrical as only the right half of the bottom had pleats, creating interest to the neutral colored dress, Seohyun’s Susi Suede Pumps also lit up the outfit with its vibrant color. Concluding the look is a Ferragmo bag which was hold as a clutch. A thumbs up must be given for her makeup as it was on the minimal side with only red lip yet it has an exquisite ambiance in it.

Outfit of the Week
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In all seriousness, Jessica made it 4 in-a-row with this lovely ensemble en-route back from Vietnam, but it was not without Yoona putting up quite an effort!

As a showcase for the transition to spring from winter, Jessica opted for a lighter ensemble, with nary a dark color in sight, save for her handbag. She started by layering a long, cream-colored cardigan over a similarly colored blouse, which brought out her milky white skin. Next was a pair of skinny blue jeans, nearly stonewashed in color, and continued the trend of using lighter shades. Last was a pair of leopard print slip-ons, though not in the traditional leopard pattern, but similar enough. She paired this all with a lovely black handbag and her ever present sunglasses.


As my choice for runner-up, and yours as well, we’ll briefly talk about Yoona’s outfit headed to KBS for their last taping of “Mr. Mr.” on the network.

Showcasing a very urban-but-chic look, Yoona seemed to opt for comfort more than anything else. She wore a heather grey crewneck sweater emblazoned with “PLAY”, hopefully not meaning to play with our hearts anymore than she already has. Moving down, she wore a pair of navy blue leggings, ending in a pair of fashionable grey Nike Blazers. Lastly, atop her doe-like head, a Stussy Double S snapback was the finishing touch to this comfortable look.

Congrats to Jessica for her 4th win in a row, and Yoona for coming in 2nd! And of course, thank you all for voting!

Outfit of the Week
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yuri+hani (2)

Our beloved Dog Shidae didn’t have much of a showing week, so we decided to dig back through the past year and find the “best look”, and felt that without a doubt, Hani took the prize in this “Throwback of the Week”!

Hani went with a simple one piece romper…but of course, no one piece romper for a dog is complete without an adorable theme, and this one was modeled after none other than Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. Depicting Piglet as an over-sized headpiece, with the rest of the romper continuing to emulate the texture of the beloved cartoon character, ending with Hani’s cute fluffy tail. Hani completed the look with with her signature fluffy natural fur, something her owner should look into. (Bad ombre, Yuri. Bad.)

Congrats to Hani for winning this “weeks” Outfit of the Week!

Outfit of the Week
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After last week’s Jessica’s dramatic appearance with her dear Birkin Bag, she is still crowned the OTW honor this time, as voted by you!

Jessica’s choice of wardrobe has always been tasteful and variable. This time, she ditched her all dark and black outfit and changed into an outfit with a swirl of spring colors. Flipping her fresh, brown hair, Jessica hurled on a thin blazer in carnation pink with a white blouse painted with floral alphabets beneath, so many exciting and vibrant colors! Her lower body is in her usual condition, skinny jeans plus white oxfords. Surprisingly, Jessica didn’t showcase her new baby Birkin bag but switched back to her old friend, the Boy Chanel bag, probably because the black shade of the Birkin bag didn’t match with the delightful, eye-popping spring colors.

Remember to vote again and let’s see if Jessica can make history by winning OTW next week!

Outfit of the Week
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Before walking in and claiming a K-Chart for “Mr.Mr.” , Jessica also laid claim for having the best outfit of this past week, her second in a row, courtesy of all of your votes!

If there’s one way to describe this outfit, it would be dark. Save for her  shoes, every article of clothing she wore was black in color. The core of the outfit was made-up of a black blazer, top and leather pants. As black is already slimming, the effect led to only accentuate her famously trim figure. But let’s talk about the real star of the show: her bag. A Hermes Birkin is easily $10,000 USD at the time of writing, and her model isn’t the base either. It’s slightly glossy looked helped it “pop” compared to her other pieces(save her shoes), and showed that she really is a “part-time millionaire”. The other odd piece out from the dark look was her shoes. A pair of white/black animal print slip-ops did the job. Lastly, she wore a pair of black Ray Ban wayfarers, because you should never be anywhere near the paparazzi without a pair of sunglasses.

Congrats to Jessica for winning, and thank you all for voting!