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SNSD: SOVO, Jeffrey Campbell, Siwy
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SOVO: High Heel Booties with Strap (FMT9095) @ sovomall.co.kr ₩43,000


Siwy: Hannah Bloom Floral Gold Jeans


Siwy: Johanna Skinny @ revolveclothing.com $98
Thanks to St9rsAboveMe for the Siwy tips!


Jeffrey Campbell: 8th Street Black Patent Leather Spiked Boot @ footnotesonline.com $140

As seen at: Dream Concert, 05/11/2013

Image credit: TVDaily, Newsen,  Segye

SNSD: Alvina Room, UJU & Co., Guess, Sovo
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Alvina Room: Lip U-neck Basic Tee @ Alvinaroom.com $15
UJU & Co.: Mesh Long Skirt @ Ujunco.com $155

Guess: Women’s Kilon Platform Sandal @ Endless.com $97.50 – $104.00

Guess: Ursy Wedge Sandals @ Endless.com $110

Sovo: Sandals @ Sovomall.co.kr $44.40

As seen in: Marie Claire Korea, May 2011 Issue