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Outfit Of The Week
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While at Incheon Airport, Tiffany took time out of her busy schedule to sweep us here at SoshiStyle off our feet with her wonderful outfit!

Starting with the focal point of the outfit, Tiffany donned a pink sleeveless romper adorned with blue ribbon print, channeling a young Bohemian-esque look right off the bat. With the romper terminating mid-thigh, she could show off her famous toned milky-white legs. Going further down those legs, we find her feet adorned with a pair of DKNY high top wedge sneakers, giving her the extra height she needs to look like a fashionista as well as being infinitely more comfortable than heels. Lastly, as she’s the kind of gal never to be without her bag, she opted to bring along a clay gray Prada bag to carry her miscellaneous idol goods in.

Congrats to Tiffany for having this weeks Outfit of the Week!

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Outfit of the Week
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Here at Soshi Styling, there’s nothing we love more than our girls experimenting with fashion. And we believe that Taeyeon has nailed the chemistry of grunge and pin-up in her outfit at Incheon Airport last May 20.

It might just be her personality, but Taeyeon often settles with comfortable clothes when travelling and doesn’t really pay attention to detail. However, once in a blue moon, Taeyeon pulls off an outfit that’s both stylish and peculiar that one can agree that it just works – plus, it’s rather comfy-looking.

She wore a knitted sweater with tattered detailing and ombre tones to it, tucked into high-waist shorts with a faded floral print. Even though the oversized sweater covered up her figure, but the shorts did its job and revealed her petite waist. Normally, it would just be another stylish outfit following the trends but a certain element upped the ante. What was surprising in her little ensemble is the neon pink brassiere that’s peeking through the sheer fabric and ripped parts of her sweater. It was a total head-turner, eye-opener, jaw-dropper… you get the idea. Some might say it’s tacky, but for us it’s the right amount of sexy to her feminine outfit.

Moreover, her casual updo and headband reminds us of the pin-up look that supports the sweet and sexy image that Taeyeon tries to portray with her outfit. And just to point it out, once they touched down in Thailand, she let down her hair and looked adorable but still maintained a slight sex appeal. She also carried a new addition to her Chanel collection, the “East West Flap Bag”; modest because of the size but still speaks for itself.  Her footwear from adidas Originals also contributed to the success of the outfit, with its big laces and white canvas.

Congrats to Taeyeon! We hope to see more of your neon bra – kidding!

Outfit Of The Week
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Our ever-so-stylish ‘Ice Princess’ made everyone stop and stare with her cool and very noteworthy outfit. On her way to Hong Kong, Jessica graced Incheon Airport solo proving that she can shine on her own with her dazzling style.

Jessica’s overall outfit consists of a juxtaposition of warm and cold pieces and colors. The outfit is also a blend of the finest brands such as Alexander Wang, Chanel, and Zagliani. It is how Jessica puts this look together that makes it grab any fashion enthusiast’s eye. The grey hues and tones from her skinny jeans, Chanel sneakers, and customized Zagliani snakeskin bag work together perfectly. But it wouldn’t be Jessica if there were no element of surprise, the well-matched grey pieces are then worn with a pastel green Alexander Wang knit sweater. The pop of color made the look more luminous and saved it from being too mono-chromed. Jessica also puts on a peplum shirt under the sweater, which made it’s pleated details seep through the sweater’s slits for a feminine detail and to harmoniously contrast her strong and edgy Chanel sneakers.

Effortless accessories are Jessica’s choice for this outfit. She wears a simple white watch along with a few thin gold and silver bracelets. As for hair and make up, Jessica keeps it pure and simple. Her light fire-toned locks are loosely curled in soft waves and gives the look more brightness, while she showcases her gorgeous face with barely there make-up but with a touch of peach lips.

Congratulations to Jessica for this outstanding ensemble!

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Outfit of the Week
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Tiffany looks eager to throw the opening pitch for The Los Angeles Dodgers! Her expressions show her excitement for once again visiting her birthplace and home, California. Her beautiful smiling face isn’t the only aspect that made her stand out from the crowd, Tiffany’s elegant yet playful attire earned her this week’s trophy for Outfit of the Week!

Veering away from her usual girly and feminine outfits, Tiffany chose to wear a more ‘sporty’ ensemble (most likely to fit a baseball theme) to wear at Incheon Airport. She wears a matching finely tailored Sandro tweed jacket to keep her warm throughout the long flight, and shorts that show off her perfectly toned slender legs. The colors of the articles of clothing features grays, pale blues, and black & white color block elements for more depth in the outfit. Tiffany pairs it with a simple heathered shirt and two-toned Chanel sneakers from the brand’s latest collection, she also accessorizes with her Mulberry bag to duet with the black hints and tones of the outfit.

Tiffany features her smooth and glowing skin with minimal make-up. She lets her dark toned locks fall on her shoulders which highlight her cascading loose curls, this mixes the feel of outfit as it contrasts it’s ‘sporty’ vibe. To add her usual feminine touch she decorates her nails with intricate nail art, a perfect way to showcase some sparkle for when she waves to her fans.

Tiffany impresses us once again with this new and fresh ensemble. Good luck to her in throwing the opening pitch, and congratulations!

Outfits of the Week
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With the conclusion of Girls’ Generation’s 2nd Japan Arena Tour, the girls’ arrived back to Korea last April 22, 2013 with a set of new outfits! To celebrate, two Outfits of the Week have been chosen, those of which are from the eldest (but dorkiest) and youngest member of the group.

Our dorky kid leader Taeyeon was all smiles! She emulated a certain brightness as she walked through the airport. Taeyeon dons a rocker chic inspired look by wearing an oversized acid wash denim jacket, dark grey muscle top, and skinny jeans. She pairs the look with her favorite items such as her Converse Hi-Top Sneakers and BOY Chanel Flap Bag. To finish off the look she puts on a pair of color blocked sunglasses, accessorizes with a dark grey hat and keeps her hair up in a messy high bun.

While maknae Seohyun keeps it purely casual chic. Her look features both mature and youthful pieces such as her Zara blazer (a brand which she likes to wear nowadays) and distressed boyfriend jeans respectively, she wears a celestial print top also from Zara to play with prints. Seohyun wears white oxfords with the look, and accessorizes with a pair of large sunglasses and her white DKNY Heritage Satchel. Seohyun lets her hair down to flow on her shoulders to match the easy going style of the outfit.

Congratulations to Taeyeon and Seohyun!

Outfit of the Week
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With a style straight out of SoCal, Tiffany’s outfit showed that while you can take the girl out of Cali, you can’t take Cali out of the girl. She started with a white lacy top, noted for it’s prominent ruffles and pink(ha!) trim. Given the occasional breeze found in Japan, she wore a cropped beige sweater of it to keep warm. Moving down, a pair of rusty orange shorts showcased her famously firm and toned legs, terminating in a pair of tan heeled boots, which allowed her to match the height of the taller members. Accessory-wise, a white leather purse hung from her shoulders, no doubt carrying her many electronic devices. Finally, a pair of aviator sunglasses gave her a way to block out of the sun(and camera flashes) and match the other shade-wearing members.

Not only did she leave Gimpo Airport looking stylish, she also left with this week’s Outfit of the Week honors. Congrats!

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Outfit Of The Week
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This week when it came to outfits, we just couldn’t decide between a few members’ airport fashions and instead decided to award Outfits Of The Week!

First up, Sooyoung channeled a sophisticated school girl look, ironically on her way to Japan. She started with a maroon-colored sweater emblazoned with the letter “A” over denim-colored oxford shirt, which she rolled up to her elbows as a statement. Going down to her waist, a short black skirt accentuated her famously long legs, and with it only reaching her thighs, added a bit of an edgy flair to it all. Her feet were adorned with black ankle boots, whose short heel only added to her already statuesque figure. Finally, a yellow leather handbag hung across her shoulder, her only accessory, and she had her hair tied up in a sporty ponytail.

Following up is our maknae Seohyun. She continued her array of simple yet chic clothing, demonstrating her natural beauty. Leading off, is Seohyun’s whole denim ensemble. She paired an acid-washed skinny jeans with a light blue denim top. Since our girls have been flying nonstop to and from Japan, Seohyun decided to make herself comfortable by unbuttoning her denim shirt and layer a white top inside, with a khaki belt securing her loosely-fitted top. The statement piece of her mufti’s was the snowy oversized knit cardigan with big wooden buttons, not only the cardigan compliments her flawless white skin, the cardigan and the skinny jeans created a perfect proportion, prolonging her figure. At last, she slung over her slouchy DKNY satchel and slipped in a pair of white studded flats.