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It’s Monday and here comes another round of OTW… The winner goes to Yuri again!

Yuri’s favourite color has always been black or colors with a darker shade. But for this season, she tried on more bold prints and lighter colors. This time she wore a whole-white ensemble at 2econd floor’s opening event and nailed it! Yuri’s buttoned on a white blouse with geometric patterns on the side, the patterns narrows audience’s focus and gain the attention as the triangles point back to her. The pants also had similar pattern which acts a shade for her curvy legs, creating a thinner silhouette. Black might make you look skinnier but it is simply too boring, this is the ultimate way to wear light colors yet not making you look fat and puffy! A thumbs up to the stylists! This simple look is finished off with loosely tied hair and a pair of black pumps!

Let’s see if Yuri can continue on keeping her throne of OTW or another fellow member would take over!

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  1. ChloeAhn ·

    I thought her pumps looked a bit blue.
    Anywho, I love look. Though her hair works
    with it, I feel she doesn’t change it up enough.