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Probably busy for preparing GG’s Korean comeback, our girls weren’t too active in public events and only had showed up for a music award ceremony for the past week. Unfortunately there weren’t any special night gowns or dresses we saw that were stunning for the new year.

To our surprise the only public appearance which was attended by Yuri catched our attention. Yuri turned up at the ‘Miss Granny’ Movie Premiere with a Kenzo outfit with an oriental groove. The blue coat is double breasted coat with padded shoulders and the pattern is probably inspired by crocodile skin, wearing simply a blue shirt to cohere the colour of her coat. The highlight of this outfit had to be the pair of tiger print pants she wore, Kenzo has always favourited tiger print and this slim cut pants with an optical tiger print is eye catching, striking a balance between the flashy coat and the fancy pants.

Speaking of a new year, OTW will have a new format next week to welcome the new year so stay tuned for our updates for more and better Soshi Styling experiences! (:

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  1. sone27leen ·

    Maybe it’s just personal preferences, but I don’t really favor the tiger print pants, I think it looks old on Yuri. Anyway, congrats Yuri!! And I really look forward to the new format of OTW! Maybe sones will have the chance to nominate and vote for the OTW? I’m always thankful of you guys’ hardwork! Soshi Styling FIGHTING!!

  2. cream ·

    This outfit may not be for everyone but I liked that Yuri is taking more risks with her outfits. I love the tiger print pants and the complimentary blue blouse, though the crocodile coat made the outfit a bit too overcooked I’m willing to look over it (considering that the Kenzo collection is Indian inspired alas loud, flashy, over the top).

  3. miss mirror monster ·

    I personally loved this ensemble. The patterns and textures might be loud but the dark color scheme toned them down. The coat gives her outfit dimension which looks great from afar. I’d prefer if the length of her coat just stopped a little below her buttocks, still looks great on her, nonetheless. I have to say that her pants did all the talking, which I love tbh. Outfits like these are what I expect from the girls to wear, now that they’re older and more mature.

  4. danlovesYul ·

    With all honesty crocodile coat and tiger print pants do look really weird, but Yuri’s fashion sense of combining complementing styles is just so commendable
    Overall,Yuri looks really great with that crocodile coat complemented with tiger print pants. i’m just so awe ..how can she pulled off peculiar outfit and wear it perfectly