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Outfit of the Week
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After taking a break from OTW, we are coming back with this perfectly white ensemble worn by Yoona at a fashion store’s anniversary event. Yoona extended her trend of wearing boots from last week’s outfit and was voted the winner by you guys out of another few fashionable outfits seen at Runway events.

Yoona went all white in this outfit and it reminds us of the snowy, cold atmosphere at Korea. Her fuzzy coat and sweater joined well together as the pure white colour appeals to our eyes. The sweater only had simple knit patterns and the coat only had a pair of buttons to sustain the wearability of it. It also seems like that Yoona favoured wearing boots and black skirts for this wintry season as we can see from the previous airport and from this current ensemble she displayed. Accenting her white look is a black leather skirt and a black leather clutch. The essential piece is those magnificent hiking boots lookalike with details of knots and locking buckles, but unlike normal hiking boots, these are made of patent leather.

Congratulations to Yoona for winning again this week!

(P.S. Yoona’s fringe looks great on her, it makes her look more youthful yet not making her look childlike.)

Outfit of the Week
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Coming off the last few days here and back from Japan and China, we had plenty of airport outfits to go around. This time, Yoona came out of Incheon with this lovely little black ensemble that won your hearts, or at least your votes! Let’s take a look at it.

“Rock star” is one way to describe the style Yoona showcased here. Every piece of this ensemble was a dark shade, and more than half of it was leather, both of which are quintessential pieces in a rock star’s wardrobe.  Her Golden Goose Deluxe Brand‘Bear’ Biker Jacket set the tone for things, with the script writing on the sleeves providing it a little more versatility than just a regular leather jacket. Underneath, she wore a Claudie PierlotRififi Bis Dress with a leopard-esque design. The dark pattern meshed very well with the leather jacket, with it’s ever so slightly lighter color allowing the rich black leather of the jacket to “pop” even more. Finishing off the ensemble was her pair of Gucci ‘Claudie’ Platform Boots , whose 5 inch heels and patent leather trim made her look not only stunning, but statuesque as well. She carried a small clutch purse for an accessory, and otherwise was bare from any necklaces or sunglasses.

Congrats to Yoona for winning the week, and thank you all for voting!

Image Credit: Dispatch

Outfit of the Week
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After another week of Holler, our fellow TTS member Seohyun got back her place of OTW! The three of them flied to and fro USA, Japan etc. but the best outfit  landed on this simple ensemble worn outside the KBS building, which our girls were on the way to YHY’s Sketchbook recording.

This classic denim and shirt outfit composes of a smooth white blouse with adorable small black lightning prints on it, the buttons of the blouse is not white but also black too! Moving on to a pair of black jeans, Seohyun accented the jeans with a studded belt plus a pair of essential white loafers. A tip to lighten up a cliche outfit as such? A bright red tote bag and some perfect, glossy side swept hair!

Image credit: Shams, allure in deese

Outfit of the Week
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Holler~ Holler~Holler~ Hope you all had a fantastic weekend watching our lovely TaeTiSeo have their comeback, but switching it over to the fashion side, we had Jessica at the Jimmy Choo Lotte event capture your hearts, and your votes. Let’s take a look at what made it such a good outfit!

As this was a Jimmy Choo event, it’s no surprise that Jessica was decked out in some of his famous apparel. Her loose, geometric-print tunic dress was very light and airy, definitely a change of pace compared to Jessica’s usual red carpet apparel of form-fitting dresses or pants.  She matched the dress with a pair of metallic gold heels, a Jimmy Choo staple, though they didn’t quite allow her to match Krystal’s height, they did their job in looking fabulous. And what would a MaoMao be without her hair? Well, no need to fret there, as her hair was beautifully straightened and parted, off-setting her sister’s straight bangs look.

Congrats to Jessica for winning this week’s Outfit of the Week, and thank you all for voting!

Image Credit: @Jimmy-Choo/Original Photographer

Outfit of the Week
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With the start of promotions of Holler, let’s also give our support and holler for Tiffany’s OTW which was the outfit she wore at the Incheon Airport on TTS’ way to New York. This week’s OTW poll has really close results and Tiffany’s outfit won over Jessica’s Valentino outfit by only 7 votes!

As our superstars flew to New York to attend a event hosted by POLO Ralph Lauren, they dressed themselves in the same brand from head to toe. Out of the three ensembles, Tiffany’s rather cute concept won voters’ favor the most. Starting from her hair, Tiffany did a simple updo and had her hair swept on both sides of her shoulders. Then she got herself up in snuggly and warm in a knit sweater and a plaid wool miniskirt, probably because due to the frosty air-con in the airplane. The combo mixed well as they had similar texture but a contrast in pattern and colour, the sweater was knitted in white organic spirals whereas the skirt was composed of dark coloured checkers. Tiffany’s shoes were quite striking with the lights reflecting off the patent leather and the shoe laces tidily tied up.

Outfit of the Week
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While many members had eye-catching outfits at Incheon this week, Yoona’s apparently stood out the most to you readers, as she walked away with this week’s honors!

“Exotic” would be the best way to describe her outfit. It definitely isn’t something we’re used to them wearing, and it’s definitely something that screams “Fashionista~” when worn. The entire outfit is Chloé branded, sans the shoes, and is definitely what I’d call subtle product placement. The centerpiece, and the most eye catching, is definitely her top. The Fringed Viscose Jacquard Top is pure white, and it’s ruffled pattern adds a hint of class without being too over-dressed. Her geometric shorts definitely give off a “skirt” vibe, and only add to the lengthy look of the ensemble, as well as accentuating Yoona’s above-average height. To match the top, as matching the skirt would require some very odd designs, she donned a pair of covered wedges, whose canvas upper rose all the way to her calf. For accessories, another Chloé piece, she carried a leather shoulder bag.

Congrats to Yoona for winning this week, and thank you all for voting!

Image Credit: Hankooki

Outfit of the Week
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Besides from bringing entertainment and more insights of TaeTiSeo’s lifestyle with the air of ‘The TaeTiSeo’, they also brought us more brilliant OTW choices with their increasing amount of public appearances.

Seohyun’s office lady outfit gathered more than 800 votes and became this week’s OTW winner. Attending a movie premiere, Seohyun dressed herself in a more formal style with a blouse and pencil skirt. She modeled a white blouse with a simple bow tied on her chest and displayed a great way of wearing a high waist pencil skirt. Seohyun’s great body shape carried the blue-black pencil skirt with an organic flow pattern well, not only it showed off her great curves, it also made us felt that our Seobaby has grown up already! The outfit was finished with a crocodile pattern shoulder purse and ankle strap heels with some red straps as accent.