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Yuri kept things clean and minimal at the Fashion King press conference earlier on in this week with a Roland Mouret figure hugging dress. Yuri avoided the outfit from looking like boring office-like attire with some dazzling strappy gold sandals and complimentary gold drop earrings. A delightful cue for lady-like style we will see in SBS’s drama series, Fashion King where Yuri makes her acting debut by playing one of the lead characters.

Outfits of the Week
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Girls’ Generation’s plan of going global seems to work after all the international appearances on talk shows and whatnot. And now they even made mark in the fashion world as three members attended Burberry Prorsum’s 2012 F/W Collection Fashion Show held in London a few days ago. Seohyun, Yoona, and Tiffany were personally invited by the Chief Creative Officer of the brand, Chris Bailey, as representatives of Korea. They definitely brought their A game as they filled the front row alongside notable stars, looking more gorgeous than ever.

They were seen wearing pieces from Burberry Prorsum’s 2012 Spring RTW Collection from head to toe (details). Each had their own style going on, but we absolutely loved Yoona’s the most. She had on a long dress that looked like it was made for her. The spring green complimented her skin tone while the fit of the dress did justice to her modelesque figure. We thought the keyhole neckline and slit of the dress were the perfect twist to its modest design. To accentuate the simplicity of her outfit, Yoona wore her hair down and very natural and minimal make-up. Her killer wedges and clutch gave the look a hint of life because of their intricate design and raffia detailing. Combined with her undying charm, she was an adorable woman on a mission.


Days before the event, Seohyun and Yoona made their grand exit to London which they didn’t take for granted. Leaving on separate days, both suited up in Burberry outerwear and bags which seemed proper courtesy for the renowned fashion house. The classic designs of the British brand helped them to transition from girls to mature women. And ultimately, Seohyun won our hearts with her Burberry jacket and tote bag, and black suede boots. She looked like a royal who was catching her first-class flight to the UK. The timeless combination of a stylish jacket plus boots and a pair of sunglasses worked well on Seohyun; it was classy and chic at the same time. She certainly had the standards of a typical Western beauty.

Outfit of the Week
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While the group continues to traverse the globe in a flurry of concerts and appearances, they also continue the trend of looking stylish in doing so, and this week, it was maknae Seohyun’s airport fashion for their recent trip to Paris  that won out.

The centerpiece of the outfit was her long brown overcoat, keeping with the trend she’s had of wearing coats/jackets, and given Paris’ cold weather, none too surprising. Underneath, she sported a white scoop-neck T-shirt, and paired it with a unique pair of plaid pants that terminated into black towards the calf. For shoes, she opted for a pair of high-heels, with notable fur accents around the ankles. Finally, she wore her trademark large-frame sunglasses, which accentuated her famously clear face, as well as her beautiful wavy hair for the trip.

Outfits of the Week
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It has been a busy week for the girls who have been doing week long promotions in the big apple. One member stood out the most this week with consistent, weather and event appropriate outfits. This is the first OTW award for Sunny and the first time ever on Soshified Soshi Style, a member has had more than 2 outfits selected as most favorable of the week!

Bundled up against the cold weather, Sunny was seen at Incheon Airport earlier this week, donning a lovely blue Sandro coat and large grey/blue scarf. Although we are on the fence with the stockings, the ankle boots save the outfit, matching with the skirt and giving the outfit a much needed pop of color.

It seems Sooyoung and Jessica’s love for the French brand, Sandro has caught onto Sunny as she was seen with the brand twice during the promotional tour. Sunny wore a cute curry colored top that complimented her hair with a black collar, finished with a black blazer and trousers. An appropriate outfit for a interview that still has an element of Sunny’s fun personality with flirty red sandals.

Sunny finished off the promotional tour with an eye-catching outfit at the fansigning. The plaid coat, black scarf and ankle booties make for a cute, girly and charming ensemble.

Bravo Sunny, bravo!

Outfits of the Week
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Once again, our girls walked through the airport just in time for the 23rd International Jewelry Tokyo and the 26th Golden Disk Awards in Osaka. And out of the nine, we found two girls whose outfits we think were very refreshing to see from superstars like SNSD. Long-legged members, Sooyoung and Yoona, decided not to bother with heels and sported sneakers to the airport. However, they didn’t let comfort win over fashion as they still tried to dress up.

Sooyoung went with smart casual by wearing a grey blazer, a boyfriend shirt with a belt around it, and a pair of leggings. We adore the way Sooyoung pulled up the collar of her blazer adding a new dimension to it. Her hair was gathered into a loose bun showing off her beautiful face. The baby blue satchel from J.ESTINA matched perfectly with her outfit.

Yoona, on the other hand, simply slipped on an oversized knit poncho-slash-sweater and wore black tights underneath. She accessorized with a polka-dot scarf from Marc Jacobs and a J.ESTINA tote bag. To top it all off, she wore her pair of the infamous Chuck Taylor by Converse. The outfit is very snug yet stylish, just perfect for the chilly weather.

One of the agenda of the girls in Japan includes the 23rd International Jewelry Convention where they seized the title of “Best Jewelry Wearer”. Seohyun stood out amongst members donned in dark colored dresses, in her refreshing white Versace number. She becomes the second member (Yoona being the first in Nina Ricci) to wear a piece from a Spring 2012 collection. Seohyun’s look is styled with tousled waves, barely there make-up and complimentary gold Jimmy Choo sandals. A fun, simple, flirty look that stands out even more with Seohyun’s smile.

Outfits of the Week
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Recently the Soshified Stylist team chose Jessica as the member with the best airport fashion, and she continues impressing us with her styling this week with a winter outfit, opting a fur jacket from what seems to be one of her current favorite brands, Coming Step. She paired her jacket with black leggings and tall casual black boots. She combines this with a black scarf, her favorite Linda Farrow retro sunglasses and a Celine bag that gives the refined touch to the ensemble.

This week most of the girls have chosen fur coats, which are currently trending during this winter season, to keep warm and stylish at the same time. Many have fallen in love with Sooyoung’s fur coat matched with an edgy feather theme t-shirt both from Isabel Marant and complimentary beige knit leggings. Sooyoung doesn’t let the color of the leggings and coat wash her out by choosing the print t-shirt and finishing her fashionable and chic look with aviator sunglasses and a black Yves saint Laurent shoulder bag.

Outfits of the Week
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For this week’s Outfits of the Week, we give you our Top 3 outfits from recent airport fashion that we think deserved praise.

Tiffany definitely earned an A+ from us as she walked down the airport looking more of a woman. From the top, she wore a hat that resembles one of Diane Von Furstenberg’s designs. The hat helped conceal a fraction of her face which we think gives off a very demure appeal. Her curls contributed a lot to that as well. Moreover, the bright and bold coat looked very adorable on her. The design plus the colors were very youthful and girly – the style that suits Tiffany best.

Then she balanced everything out by settling with a pair of jeans, black boots, and her YSL tote bag. We think it was a very smart move not to overwhelm the ladylike image. The whole look was still feminine but with the right proportions.

The other two outfits were worn by Sooyoung and Seohyun just days ago as they flew back to Japan for their performance on Music Station Super Live. Sooyoung has once again proved her fashion sense by going with an effortless rocker look. She wore a simple tee and cloaked it in a black leather jacket. Her accessories include her Alexander Wang Rocco bag and a cute black beanie. The outfit wasn’t dull at all even though it was mostly composed of black. In fact, it was rather edgy. And the Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad case was a wonderful addition as it gave the whole outfit a pop of color.

On the other hand, Seohyun followed suit and went along with the effortless style. Usually, Seohyun is often seen wearing eccentric clothes to the airport that define her uniqueness. However, she kept a low profile and wore a cable-knit sweater, the color of which greatly complemented her complexion. Along with her deep violet Coach bag, the vibrance and textures of both colors was a good combination. Finally, her soft curls and Wayfarers kept the whole outfit simple yet stylish.


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