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For this week’s Outfits of the Week, we give you our Top 3 outfits from recent airport fashion that we think deserved praise.

Tiffany definitely earned an A+ from us as she walked down the airport looking more of a woman. From the top, she wore a hat that resembles one of Diane Von Furstenberg’s designs. The hat helped conceal a fraction of her face which we think gives off a very demure appeal. Her curls contributed a lot to that as well. Moreover, the bright and bold coat looked very adorable on her. The design plus the colors were very youthful and girly – the style that suits Tiffany best.

Then she balanced everything out by settling with a pair of jeans, black boots, and her YSL tote bag. We think it was a very smart move not to overwhelm the ladylike image. The whole look was still feminine but with the right proportions.

The other two outfits were worn by Sooyoung and Seohyun just days ago as they flew back to Japan for their performance on Music Station Super Live. Sooyoung has once again proved her fashion sense by going with an effortless rocker look. She wore a simple tee and cloaked it in a black leather jacket. Her accessories include her Alexander Wang Rocco bag and a cute black beanie. The outfit wasn’t dull at all even though it was mostly composed of black. In fact, it was rather edgy. And the Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad case was a wonderful addition as it gave the whole outfit a pop of color.

On the other hand, Seohyun followed suit and went along with the effortless style. Usually, Seohyun is often seen wearing eccentric clothes to the airport that define her uniqueness. However, she kept a low profile and wore a cable-knit sweater, the color of which greatly complemented her complexion. Along with her deep violet Coach bag, the vibrance and textures of both colors was a good combination. Finally, her soft curls and Wayfarers kept the whole outfit simple yet stylish.


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