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Outfit of the Week
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With the arrival of winter, it’s inevitable that jackets, boots, and scarves will be dominating our closets for the rest of the year. And that just means we can expect our girls donning the latest trends in outerwear and bundling up in style.

For instance, Jessica geared up for the cold while on her way to Japan for the recently concluded FNS Music Festival. While she was always seen wearing blacks and grays, she decided to go in the opposite direction and dress up in neutrals and whites. She paired a basic off-white t-shirt with a Rag & Bone jacket. The color scheme definitely made it easy on the eyes. For her bottoms, she wore a pair of ripped jeans in a darker wash that aimed the spotlight to the upper half of her outfit.

We would like to note that Tiffany also had a similar jacket, only it was longer and in a different color (seen here). However, we favored Jessica’s more in both aspects.

What probably sold this outfit is the way Jessica matched her boots and Alexander Wang bag with the jacket. She made sure not to let any other parts of her get-up overpower the jacket and let it do all the talking. The whole look looked rugged and comfy despite how styled and detailed everything was. We also have to credit Jessica’s messy ponytail and makeup-less face for the perfection of her look.

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Outfits of the Week
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Amidst their promotions for “The Boys”, the girls attended the annual Style Icon Awards which was held on November 3 at the CJ E&M Center. The Style Icon Awards honors artists who have been paradigms of the Korean art and culture; and also have majorly contributed to Korea’s current fashion trends and styles. And this year, Girls’ Generation got the Bonsang Award.

Prior to the start of the ceremony, the girls – sans Yoona – walked down the red carpet having on attires that showcased grace and chic. All eight wowed both fans and fellow artists, but my eyes immediately headed for Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. These three adorned themselves with black and gold and just looked gorgeous in their own outfits.

Taeyeon had an easy look and wore a mini dress and pumps. The gold dandelions on her dress gave off a lovable feel despite the sophistication of the black and gold. Her gold locks were gathered on one side, also contributing to the sweetness of her look. The structure of the outfit matched Taeyeon’s personality but the black and gold added a kick to it.

Tiffany glimmered with her gold-studded top that was further accentuated thanks to her black slacks and ankle boots. As for her hair, she went with the low ponytail and full bangs; the simplicity helped divert the attention to her outfit. Her make-up matched her outfit by using black eyeliner and gold eyeshadow. Tiffany reminded me of Anne Hathaway in 2006’s The Devil Wears Prada – chic and classy.

Lastly, Seohyun, who hands down impressed me that night. Maknae dropped her girly image and reminded everyone that she’s already a lady. She wore a black jumpsuit paired with a wide gold belt to give it a pop of color. She finished off her look with a set of gold bangles and side-swept hairstyle just like Taeyeon’s that showed off her shoulders. The look unleashed Seohyun’s sexiness, but not going overboard and still maintaining her conservative side.


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Outfits of the Week
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As you may know, the girls had their first fanmeet on the American grounds of New York. How did they arrive to the Big Apple? In style, of course!

Tiffany has been showing some love to the color red lately. As shown in the picture, she is wearing a cute Jill by Jill Stuart cozy coat that had a chalk like print of red, blue, and white  and matched it with a pair of cute red Prada pumps. To go with these, her skinny jeans had a very light color that finished off the colorful feel and showed off her envious legs. To have the more celebrity feel she adds on shades and a large Yves Saint Laurent bag. As simple as this may seem, it’s a stylish but at the same time a comfortable look that only she could’ve thought of and pulled off.

Jessica went for a different route with her accessories; Along with a top, shorts and a Sandro cardigan, Jessica wore a floppy hat that complimented her hair quite nicely and carried a nude Givenchy bag that complimented her skin color. To finish it off she wore a pair of massive Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony boots, a Marc Jacobs skull patterned scarf and a couple of black bracelets. The look is very layered and the shorts stop it from looking to much as a winter look and into a transeasonal outfit. The right bag and floppy hat, injects a feminine touch to the whole outfit.

The girls arrived in New York safely and the fanmeet with Sones couldn’t have been any more of a success. Western celebrities better watch out because new fashionistas are coming to the scene, with style!

Outfit of the Week
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Despite the grueling preparations for their comeback, the girls spared some time to attend a charity event organized by Woojin Coway. Clad in different stylish outfits, Yuri and Jessica stood out among the others.

Yuri, who had shocked fans with her sudden weight loss, proved her sexiness once more with a slimmer figure by wearing high-waist leather shorts. For her top, she paired a striped tee with a blue cardigan, both tucked in her shorts. Her Mary Jane pumps, along with the shorts, created an illusion of her legs being longer and sleeker. The outfit played with colors and texture; from blue to coral, stripes to quilted. Since there was a lot going on, her newly-cut hair was perfect laid down.

Jessica sported the same fashion as Seohyun in KBS2’s Big Brothers. She wore a striped long-sleeve top and replaced the wide-leg pants with a chiffon skirt. What made the outfit pop out is the vibrant yellow of her skirt. The shade of yellow made Jessica glow and appear much younger. And her Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony boots definitely helped strengthen that image as well. Jessica kept her accessories minimal by wearing black bracelets and a watch. Her hair, which was crimped and braided to the side, also contributed to the youthful look.

Both Yuri and Jessica’s outfits paid attention to the mix-and-match approach which probably caught my attention. Yuri was more on the edgy side, while Jessica was on the opposite and channeled the kid in her.

Outfit of the Week
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Jessica, the veteran fashionista, dressed up in smart casual while on her way to Japan for SMTOWN Live in Tokyo. She wore a subtle floral-print shirt which is definitely a must-have in every girl’s closet right now. She tucked it in a denim pencil skirt that hugged her petite waist and showed off her flawless legs. Finally, she accessorized with browns, from the belt down to her wedges and oversized Mulberry satchel. Her outfit is perfect for the daytime and definitely wearable to school or even for a stroll outdoors.

To complete their Girls’ Generation Tour 2011, the girls headed to Taiwan displaying yet another round of airport fashion. Hyoyeon, in particular, also tried Jessica’s style and modified it to her own taste. Observed from her previous outfits, Hyoyeon likes wearing simple and easy pieces. Yet, when they all add up, they turn into chic and fashionable ensembles. In this outfit, the light and pastel colors of her tube top and skirt plus Balenciaga bag suggested a demure feel. The black bolero and Ralph Lauren espadrille sneakers, however, toned down the “girly” and turned up the “sweet and sassy”.


Seohyun wore this number in the pilot episode of KBS2’s Big Brothers where she was accompanied by Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Yuri. Her outfit consisted of a striped long sleeve top and pleated wide-leg pants. At first glance, the outfit may look peculiar but it does have “hippie chic” written all over it. The fashion point of the outfit has to be the wide-leg pants which are apparently a favorite among stars in South Korea today. Her minimal make-up and loose braid supported the look. All-in-all, it was natural and laid-back, a perfect fit for Seohyun.

Outfit of the Week
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Straight from the upcoming issue of Vogue, maknae Seohyun donned a very sophisticated look for the spread. Her long, sleeveless Fendi dress accentuates her slender and tall figure, and the addition of diamond-spaced fishnet stockings and high-heeled ankle boots add a “sexy” vibe. Her accessories consist of gold cuff bracelets and an intricate necklace. Overall, her outfit captures the essence of maturity, while still retaining the innocence she is well-known for.

In the upcoming October issue of Cosmopolitan, Tiffany donned a simplistic outfit that hearkened back to a look she previously showed early in their debut. Consisting of only a white tunic top paired with an equally stark white oversized dress shirt, the look is a prime example of “a little goes a long way.” Her long braid and semi-messy hair complete the look without distracting from the outfit.

 Jessica shows off a darker, more serious look for CeCi’s magazine photo shoot.  She has an ability to draw you in and demand attention with her fierce manly look, which is perhaps what inspired  designer Son Jungwan four years ago when they met.  October’s CeCi certainly shows Jessica in a different and intriguing light. She has been showing a more mature and artistic look in magazines lately, and her photo shoot for CeCi continues that trend.  Jessica gives off hints of her “ice princess” image while revealing some fire beneath the surface.

Yoona on the other hand, shows a laid back yet feminine look for her InStyle’s magazine photo shoot by wearin Hanii Y’s pink feathery dress. Although the shoots were taken immediately after she arrived from Japan, she pulled them off really well without showing any lack of stamina and tiredness. She displays her best look which the cheerful sweet lady we all know. She stuns the readers as well as the photographer and interviewer for her mature beauty.

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Outfit of the Week
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Sooyoung wore this black strapless gown when she emceed the Kpop All-Star Live in Niigata Concert along with Tiffany and Yuri. Sooyoung looked ravishing as soon as she walked out to the stage. The design of the dress complimented Sooyoung very well. The train of the dress made Sooyoung’s legs look longer. The strapless neckline gave the whole look a ‘sultry and sweet’ feel to it. Her hairstyle, accessories, and heels weren’t overdone that they gave way to the dress.

Yuri donned this mini dress when she hosted the Incheon Korea Music Wave 2011 a month ago. The shades of grey, from the dress down to the heels, looked great with Yuri’s complexion. She also recently dyed her hair back to a darker shade that blended well with the color scheme of the outfit. What attracted me the most is the intricate detail of the dress which gave texture to the look and helped it from being plain. This outfit really lived up to Yuri’s black pearl image.

The girls were packed with concerts, recordings, and even comeback preparations that they deserved some break. Sooyoung, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yoona, and Sunny spent theirs by watching a movie. The girls were seen wearing casual clothes but Tiffany’s outfit topped the rank. She wore a simple sweater and a pair of denim shorts. Her boots were a lovely addition and made the look more chic. The outfit looked effortless, thus perfect for the movies.