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Outfit of the Week
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Despite their busy schedules, the ladies of SNSD never cease to turn even their airport travels into their own runways. This week, Taeyeon came away with the winning outfit, with this low-key ensemble.

Starting with her cream colored over-sized sweater, the soon-to-be-birthday girl donned an unusual pair of slim floral pants, no doubt one of the reasons she’s referred to as an “ahjumma” by some. For footwear, unlike some of her fellow members who strut around in heels, flats or fashionable sneakers, Taeyeon opted for some high-top cream colored Converse, matching her similarly colored sweater. Accessory wise, she only donned a plain thick black scarf, forgoing glasses, bags and the like. Her light-blonde hair was left loose and straight, nothing out of the ordinary, though she was seen sporting a bun. Overall, while not striking in any way, it’s minimalist approach did wonders for her, and earned her the nod.

Congrats Taeyeon, for winning Outfit of the Week…from the past week!

Outfit of the Week
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This weeks style showdown was down to a duel between Yuri and Tiffany, both members paired up their modish and dark colored coats with mondo sunglasses. In the end, Yuri was deemed the winner of this week.

Unlike Jessica, the winner of last week’s OTW, our black pearl has always favored dark colors which exaggerates her curvy lines and hides her chubby parts. For instance, her airport outfit which featured a Burberry trench coat and knee-lengthed boots elongated her legs and adds a feminine touch to it.

Yuri was being really consistent with her black looks at the airport, this time she took up the challenge to wear a shimmer-sprinkled coat with leather sleeves and a grey t-shirt under.Yuri’s full figure compliments this coat which cooks it up into a elegant and exquisite piece instead of turning it into a cheap and boring one.

All in all, she kicked off in a pair of black jeggings and some leather boots with gold details on it. Last but not least, she tipped her Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses on and carried her Balenciaga bag. The whole ensemble reminds us of Anna Choi, the character portrayed by Yuri in Fashion King, going on a business trip.

Hope Yuri can continue to keep up her ‘black magic’ and not to end up with an eerie outfit (signal towards the airport outfit last week). Congratulations Yuri!

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Outfit of the Week
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For this Outfit of the Week, the choice wasn’t too hard with several of the members staying in Japan, leaving it to be a battle between Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Yuri and Seohyun.

On her way back to Japan from Gimpo though, Jessica waltzed through the airport with an incredible red/beige coat that not only kept her warm, but oozed style and class, and complimented Yuri’s dark overcoat. The rest of her outfit continued the beige and muted tone, with an olive-vest layered over a white shirt, and continued down to some skinny beige pants, ending with a pair of Klein Natural Faux SnakeSkin Lace Up Brogues.

For accessories, an Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle graced her lithe arms. Of course, this is Jessica at the airport, and no outfit would be complete without her sunglasses, this particular pair being Linda Farrow Luxe contrasting her newly lightened hair.

Congrats to Jessica!

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Outfit of the Week
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Stepping out in this casual girly ensemble earlier this week, Tiffany scoops up Outfit of the Week out from under the other somberly dressed members. Though looking very tired from the extensive promotional duties as of late, our pink lover offered a inspiring winter look that not only looked comfortable and warm but also emulated Tiffany’s girly personality.

Tiffany layered up with a simple pale pink jacket with hot pink lapels, on top a white hoodie and sweater. The pink tones of the jacket compliment the red tint of Tiffany’s hair color, while the white color of the knitwear underneath offset the jacket perfectly.

Adding visual intrigue to the look, Tiffany accessorized with a stylish Louis Vuitton carryall and Miu Miu low cut sneakers. The accessories energize the look and stop it from being flat, while the black tights balance the outfit stopping it from being overall too sweet.

Simple straight locks finish the easy going look, we hope that Tiffany and the girls get more rest now that IGAB promotions are over.

Outfit of the Week
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A camera shy Yoona made her first public airport appearance this year at Incheon airport, earlier this week. Bundling up in a Zara leather lapel black coat, Yoona elevated the casual airport attire with a red plaid button up shirt adding intrigue to the dark ensemble.

Though this look is something we haven’t seen before and could have done without the black scarf; it exudes the casual next door style of Yoona’s we are so fond of with the use of her Comme des Garçon‘s sneakers and blue skinny jeans. Yoona polishes the outfit off with her edgy black coat and Alexander Wang bag.

The outfit is a nonchalant look that isn’t overly too fussy for a quick flight while livening up wardrobe staple items.

Outfit of the Week
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Yuri sweeps up the first Outfit of the Week this year, looking breathtaking earlier last week at the SBS Drama Awards. The winner of the ‘New Star Award’ looked positively radiant in a white embroidered gown no doubt from a bridal collection which as accented with floral appliqués.

Keeping the styling simple, Yuri opted for silver drop earrings, natural make-up and a simple up-do. Needless to say, this ensemble ranks in as one of our top red carpet looks we have seen from Yuri yet.

Outfit of the Week
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It’s been a crazy week at Soshi Style HQ as the girls’ latest anan magazine and Vogue photo-shoot photos hit the web, followed by a special teaser clip for their upcoming single ‘I Got A Boy’. It didn’t stop there, we were delighted with teaser images from their upcoming single a few hours later, that left us all racing to our desktops and posting about the items the girls’ wore within minutes of the image’s releases.

Insanity it was, and that is exactly the same word we would use to describe this week’s Outfit of the week. Expanding way beyond their usual M.O the girls presented us with their new look drawing us into a world of rebellion and punk with illustrated pieces, ripped stockings, and fun clothing items that provided for an artful collision of colours.

High fashion brands were used to construct their rebellious, tele-colour look such as French brand, Chanel. Chanel’s accessories such as the vintage gold interlocking C necklace on Sooyoung, were used as small additions next to the dramatic designs of Vivienne Westwood and exquisite tailoring of Balmain. Other brands such as Lazy Oaf and Jeremy Scott were also thrown in and used as statement pieces.

Looks like the girls are coming back and they are bringing in the new year in a big way.