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SNSD: Who Wore it Better?
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At the Gimpo Airport, back from Japan, Sooyoung was first spotted with this Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony cardigan. As she sauntered with her black lace up boots, she wore this jacquard knitwear over a flimsy white round t-shirt and paired it with faded skinny jeans with a Hermes belt. To complete the outfit, she carried her Lanvin bag which matched with the cardigan’s color.

After the recording of KBS Love in Asia, the same cardigan was seen with Tiffany, but in a different color (her favorite color– pink!).  She also donned a white t-shirt  but she preferred it in v-neck and left it untucked which hugged her hips and her legendary legs with skinny jeans. She ambled with her Chanel tote which contrasted her cardigan and lace up boots which exuded a different style.

Despite the similar styling, the two outfits somewhat showed their individuality.

How about you, which ensemble do you prefer?

Who wore it better?

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SNSD: Who Wore it Better?
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‘Girls’ Generation make you feel the heat!’ With winter just around the corner, our nine girls already transformed their wardrobes to winter apparel. It is definitely a hard choice for us to choose which outfit is the best with so many variations of outerwear.

Seohyun, Jessica and Sooyoung opted for blue shirts inside the sweater, with the collars popping out. Seohyun chose to wore a pair of over sized sunglasses to finish off her look while Jessica had bare face with minimal makeup and a pair of Pony sneakers. Sooyoung on the other hand paired her sweater with a blue polka dot shirt and wearing a classic watch.

Yoona also wore a blue demin shirt, but she settled upon wearing a beige knit Cardigan instead of a pullover. Yoona added a playful, young touch to her look wearing her pink Miu Miu shoulder bag.

Unlike the others, Tiffany tried a bohemian-styled outfit. She wore Free People’s Capetown Pullover and finished the look with simply a pair of jeans and moccasins. Her red Alexander Wang Rocco bag also complimented the details of the pullover.

Who do you think incorporated their beige outwear best into their outfits?

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Our mature maknae Seohyun wore a black puff-sleeved blouse with a contrasting pendant. She carried her Quilted Floral Handbag which contrasts with her plain black silhouette.

Pixie-haired Sunny decided to match her outfit with her boyish hairstyle. She wore a leather hoodie with fur under layers to keep her warm with a checkered t-shirt underneath. She finished her incognito look with a studded cap and a pair of sunglasses.

Yuri and Sooyoung both wore a black sweater but with different styles. First off, Sooyoung recurrently showed off her long legs by wearing slim-cut jeans, this time she even wore a turtle neck sweater which elongated her tall figure. Yuri, looking quite bright and cheerful, wore a two-toned sweater with a cap and no make up at all, with her natural beauty dazzling off camera lenses.

 Last but not least, our choding leader Taeyeon wore a elbow-patched-dark-blue cardigan with a beige shirt. Finishing off with a pair of glitter flats. But her white complexion with red lips lured most of the attention, some netizens say did Taeyeon stole her mother’s lipstick to put on.

What was your favourite fall look?

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Poll: Outfit of the Week
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From pretty singers to fashion icons? It seems the girls are on speed dial when renowned international fashion designers seek their presence to their respective shows. Not turning them down, some of our girls flew out of the country in outfits that will surely make it difficult to crown as the outfit of the week.

First off is Yoona flying to Hong Kong for a chance to watch Vivienne Westwood’s Fall 2012-2013 RTW Collection a few days ago. She shows up at the airport looking very mature with her head-to-toe Vivienne Westwood outfit. The red high-waist shorts and pussy-bow shirt suggested a “European lass” vibe with the black tights and pumps – a sure hit for fall. Too bad the get-up was covered by her coat but that doesn’t make us love its intricate collar detail any less. Finally, a patent leather Vivienne Westwood purse slung over her shoulder and a natural hairstyle and make-up to finish the look.

A few days after, Yuri and Sooyoung were spotted departing for the same destination but for a different purpose. The two beauties were invited to the opening of the Burberry flagship store at the Pacific Place Mall in Hong Kong. Before leaving the country, the duo took the liberty of putting up a little runway show for the people at the airport clad in Burberry goodies.

Yuri went for the dress and coat combo and long boots to kick off the day. She looked very chic in her digital print dress but the navy Burberry coat balanced it out and also defined her wonderful curves. The boots and tights emphasized her long legs and added a touch of sexy to the outfit. Her beaut of a bag from Burberry Prorsum also raked extra points from us. Her look reminded us something Serena van der Woodsen of Gossip Girl would wear, which is definitely a good thing.

Unlike Yuri and Yoona, Sooyoung ditched the skirt and shorts and settled for the classic Burberry trench coat and a good ol’ pair of jeans. Our favorite fashionista thought of going low profile with her look but it surely had the opposite effect on her model body. Her outfit was more casual but it still had a very regal twist to it. The style is effortless with her low ponytail and bangs but she still didn’t forget to pay attention to detail when she matched her oxfords to her Burberry Prorsum bowler bag.

Three princesses of the airport but only one is bound to be queen. Who do you think did justice to her brand and rightfully deserves the title “Outfit of the Week”?

Who ruled the airport with her outfit?

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Yoona: Hit or Miss?
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For this month’s hit or miss, we are questioning Yoona’s choice of outfit for the premiere of “Dangerous Liaisons”. She attended the event in an Étoile Isabel Marant Gladys Mohair Jacquard Sweater paired with an Isabel Marant Bilbao Metallic Brocade Mini Skirt. She accessorized her look with a Jimmy Choo Rebel Shoulder Bag.

The main issue that arises from this outfit is the lack of compatibility between the sweater and the skirt. Both pieces are loaded with metallic and shiny material, so the combination of the two seems somewhat tacky. The sweater and the skirt both compete for attention and therefore, make Yoona’s outfit look messy.

The Jimmy Choo bag adds to this clash in garments; the leopard pattern on the shoulder bag doesn’t seem to quite match the sweater or the skirt. Fortunately, Yoona played it down below her skirt by wearing basic black tights and simple black shoes, avoiding making her outfit messier.

The pieces she wore are lovely individually, but when put together, it is difficult to appreciate each one since they are not very compatible witheach other. Another question that arises is whether this outfit is appropriate for the event. Given that she Yoona attended a VIP premiere, a sweater might have been a little too casual.

What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of the all-over metallic shiny look Yoona sported at the premiere? Is this a hit or miss?

Hit or Miss?

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Poll: Outfit of the Week
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This week, our favorite Ice Princess had such a good showing at events that we decided that instead of choosing an outfit of the week, we’d like to know which one you guys think deserves it!

Her first outfit showcased the departing summer trend, pairing a preppy Red Valentino mini dress with a pair of pink heels, giving the press a good view at her appearance at the Pinking of your Dream! Press Junket.

Continuing the mini dress trend, her second outfit for Premium Younique Lifestyle Runway Show pitted a Moshinco stark white against black trim, as well as accented with black button ruffles, and patent leather heels.

In a twist, her third outfit for the KOON WITH A VIEW, matched an orange cropped blouse with a black skirt and polka-dot hosiery, as well as another pair of black heels. The outfit’s main focus, surprisingly, was her notably toned abs, something not normally seen.

Before accepting her award at the “Barbie the Dream Closet 2012” event, Jessica waltzed out in an white gown befitting of Barbie herself, adorned with a lace floral pattern and a satin top, atop a pair of very toy-esque patent white heels.

Finally, for her appearance at the “W” event, she donned a unique plum Nina Ricci mini dress, adorned with ruffles, which helped to show off her slim legs and snowy white skin.

So there you have it, 5 outfits, 5 choices, 1 winner. Be sure to vote on your favorite, and congrats to Jessica for such a stellar showing this week!

What outfit was your favorite of the week?

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Seohyun: Hit or Miss?
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The subject of this month’s Hit or Miss poll is Seohyun, who was seen wearing a 3.1 Phillip Lim Short Sleeve Contrast Top Dress at the Popular Music Committee Launching Event. The big question that arises from this outfit is: is this dress classy or does it make her look like an old lady?

The appropriate length of this Phillip Lim piece definitely makes Seohyun look mature, which matches her somewhat conservative personality. The simplicity and monotonous color of the dress may seem classy, but these aspects are also responsible for making the dress border on dullness.

The lack of captivating colors and the loose sheer sleeves age her too much, and her plain shoes don’t emphasize her youth either. Another issue in this outfit is the fitting; the dress is not well tailored to Seohyun’s body so she looks slightly bulky and we cannot appreciate the great figure she has.

Overall, it seems like her outfit lacks in different aspects (hairstyle, jewelry, color, etc.). Seohyun will have lots of time when she’s older to wear simple and mature clothes, so why not take advantage of her youth and have more fun with fashion?!

So what do you say? Classy or overly mature? Hit or Miss?

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Sooyoung: Hit or Miss?
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A few weeks ago, Sooyoung was photographed in a questionable outfit at the Gimpo Airport. Sooyoung was wearing Isabel Marant cropped jeans with vertical stripes that made her already long legs look even longer, finishing off with simple oxford shoes. Sooyoung carried an Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel Bag, a great to-go bag seen often with many of the SNSD members. Everything was going well waist down, but waist up, we started to have our doubts.

The piece that created controversy was a Markus Lupfer shirt with the image of a corset printed on it. That along with the black embroidery on the bra area might have been what made this shirt look somewhat cheap, perhaps her posture in the photograph wasn’t helping much either.

After having seen Sooyoung in mostly classy outfits, what do you say about this one? Hit or miss?

Hit or Miss?

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