SNSD: Who Wore it Better?
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At the Gimpo Airport, back from Japan, Sooyoung was first spotted with this Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony cardigan. As she sauntered with her black lace up boots, she wore this jacquard knitwear over a flimsy white round t-shirt and paired it with faded skinny jeans with a Hermes belt. To complete the outfit, she carried her Lanvin bag which matched with the cardigan’s color.

After the recording of KBS Love in Asia, the same cardigan was seen with Tiffany, but in a different color (her favorite color– pink!).  She also donned a white t-shirt  but she preferred it in v-neck and left it untucked which hugged her hips and her legendary legs with skinny jeans. She ambled with her Chanel tote which contrasted her cardigan and lace up boots which exuded a different style.

Despite the similar styling, the two outfits somewhat showed their individuality.

How about you, which ensemble do you prefer?

Who wore it better?

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    • Gisselle ·

      i know but I picked Tiffany.
      I like the pink more and the bag is not of the same color as the sweater
      (though I really love sooyoung’s outfit too)

      I love the boots of Sooyoung!

  1. Nguyennguyen ·

    If I’m not mistaken, recently Seohyun also wore a similar (or same?) cardigan but in blue to some basketball match with Sooyoung.

  2. Pudding4me ·

    am i the only that found it creepy both of their outfits were almost exactly the same? even the hair color. its like snsd can telepathically communicate or something

    • BattingEyelashes ·

      Maybe because a classic white shirt and blue jeans are a perfect fit for anything. It’s a neutral color… So to be safe, go with something that doesn’t clash. Tee hee.

  3. Chi_Soshi_Angel ·

    I picked Sooyoung because she tucked in her shirt. I like the way the belt compliments the cardi and purse.

    But Fany looks great too!

  4. soshikyu ·

    I picked Tiffany because I liked the colors better, plus the pink stood out more. But of course, both of the girls look amazing :]

  5. C-lowicious ·

    They both wore it quite well, pink looks lovely on tiffany with her fair skin and the brown suits Sooyoung’s beautiful brown skin and also her sleek and long body~ If only there was BOTH option =)

  6. Sophyoung ·

    I love both of these outfits and those boots are to Die for.
    One thing I have to say though is if Sooyoung touched up her make up a little bit more the outfit would have been perfect.
    (chose sooyoung cause why not :P)

    My opinion about Tiffany’s is even though they have similar styles Tiffany totally rocked it, with the let down hair and just enough make up.