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Review: Chanel Boy Bag
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Review on the Chanel Boy Bag as seen on Jessica, Yuri, and Taeyeon

Chanel has been an increasingly popular bag choice for the girls as seen during airport appearances. The French label has many known classic designs such as the ‘Classic Flip Bag’ and the ‘Boy Bag.’ and as such, I will be reviewing the latter. If you haven’t purchased a luxury bag yet, this might be the one for you!

The Boy Bag comes in a variety of sizes, small, medium and large. I suggest to you that you should try on the bag first and make sure the size suits your body type so it’s not too big or not too small. I had the chance to try out the bag in medium python skin (there was only two in the whole of UK) but I passed the bag after seeing how big it was on me after I tried it on. The bag also comes in diverse styles and colours. You can have the bag in the original classic leather, or you can have the middle of the bag be in a ‘weaved’ style, you can also have it in different skins like python or stingray. I got mine in beige leather and I highly regretted it because I didn’t do enough research and there were way better and more unique Boy bags out there so as my warning to you, make sure it’s the right colour and right skin you want!


The Boy bag is either made in France or Italy (mine is made in Italy). The bag is made out of lambskin however depending on which Boy you buy, the leather and the skin you chose may be different. A major contributing factor as to why I bought this bag is it’s weight. Compared to my Hermes Birkins and Kellys, the Chanel Boy is literally a feather partly because the interior of the bag is not leather.

The bag itself is very versatile and can be worn in many different ways. For example, you can sling it across your body, or you can just casually sling it around your shoulder. In addition to it’s versatility, this bag can be used for almost any occasion. It can be worn casually to the mall or it can be used to go for formal events (if it’s in size small). To open the bag, you press the two ‘buttons’ on each side of the silver clasp. This can prevent pick pockets who may not realize the discreet way of opening the bag. Another way to prevent pick pockets is to turn the bag the other way round (so that the logo is facing your body).

When you aren’t using the bag, make sure to keep it at an upright position in the dust bag which will come with it. There is a booklet that comes with the bag to show you how to care for the bag correctly.


One of the biggest drawbacks about this bag is the interior of it as mentioned previously. For the price I’m paying, I would expect the bag to be fully leather but it is partly my fault as well as I didn’t bother checking beforehand. However this might be a highlight for others as it doesn’t make the bag too heavy.

Another major drawback is that you can’t fit many things inside. i bought the bag in the smallest size and you can only fit so little things inside. A phone, a tiny wallet, and a few small makeup products would fill the bag up completely. I usually don’t even use a wallet whenever I carry this bag. However, this does make the bag very useful for formal and black tie events. Furthermore, I can’t carry this particular bag when I’m wearing jeans. If you bought the bag in a light colour, like mine, try to avoid wearing it with clothes which colour will fade. It will eventually rub onto the bag and the bag will not be in it’s original colour anymore.

In addition to all of that, the price would definitely  be a major turnoff. I bought mine for around £2300, but even so, Chanel’s bags are definitely worth investing so if you’re still undecided, I suggest you to grab one quickly before Chanel marks up their price in the next year!

All in all, the boy bag is a very versatile bag and if you’re looking for a luxury bag to invest in, I would recommend this piece just make sure not to cringe at the price!

 Rating: 3/5

 You can purchase the bag at your local Chanel store.

Review: Current/Elliott Leopard Skinny Jeans
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Review on Current/Elliott’s Leopard Skinny Jeans as seen on Seohyun.

When I first saw one of the girls wearing this particular jeans, I immediately knew I had to get one. The leopard print of the jeans make it a statement piece and can be paired with almost anything! The jeans are 90% cotton and 6% polyester and 4% elastin and is made in the United States.

The jeans are made in a skinny fit so for those who want to show off those legs, this jeans is a must have. For different seasons, the jeans come in different washes (colours) I got mine in Indigo leopard (which is just a fancy name for medium washed coloured jeans) at my local Harvey Nichols. One of the huge factors as to why I bought this jeans was its comfiness. As a person who travels a lot and lives in a conservative country, I found these jeans just right! They are so comfortable and if you’re always stuck in a long flight, this jeans is definitely worth spending your money on. They stretch very well and provide the utmost comfort.


One of my pet peeves of this jeans is the length of it. The jeans are supposed to be worn with the ends of it rolled up to your ankle. If I don’t roll the folds up, it is way too long for me, (it appears too long for Seohyun as well). Sometimes, I like to wear my jeans exactly cropped at the ankle but this jeans does not allow me to that. If you do like your jeans rolled up though, this pair of jeans would be fantastic for you! Do be careful when you wash these jeans though because the colour does leak and come out so try not to mix it with light colored clothing when you wash it.

Otherwise, I do not have any other complaints about these jeans. They’re stylish and comfortable, a must have in a girl’s wardrobe, I dare say.

Rating: 4/5 

You can purchase the jeans here.

Review: Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Ballerina Flats
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Review on Marc by Marc Jacobs Silver Soft Mouse Ballerina Flat as seen on Hyoyeon.

The playful design of cute and futuristic designed by no other than Marc Jacobs.  I think it really has sleek design that is both wearable and cute at the same time. The mouse design is very subtle; it is not too childish that it cannot be worn in a smart casual outfit or a corporate outfit.

The flats is very versatile to any outfit, you can either dress it up or dress is down depending on your needs and it can still be chic and sophisticated enough to pair with pencil skirts and slacks. The flats are very versatile to any outfit and they are a great go to flats when your feet is tired from high heels. Because of its soft material, I can fold it (ever so carefully) and bring them with me in a small pouch. Whenever I feel tired from wearing heels, I just bring them out and wear them!

It is very light weight and comfortable, though it does not have any added insoles or padding, the shoes are still comfortable enough to wear everyday to school or to work.

It took me a while to find the soft type of flats since Marc Jacobs change their design every season. I’ve wanted these flats for so long and I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Luckily a friend of mine got rid of these shoes because it did not fit her too well (sometimes Asian sizes may not be the exact fit of European and US sizes) and they fit me fine! Not too tight but loose enough that it does not slip when I walk in them.


I would like to have a good pair of flats with me but I think since the leather used here is quite soft I feel like I have to take the extra precaution of caring for these a little more; but they do last longer otherwise. Also, do not let the soft leather deceive you, because like any other new pairs of shoes, they need to be broken in. These flats take longer than expected to break in despite having the soft material, it can still cause some scratching and blisters especially when you walk a lot like me, so get ready for some bandaids!

Another is the price, of course, these are designer flats and it would feel absurd to spend so much on a pair of flats. Nevertheless, I find it tedious to have to buy cheap ones and having to throw them out a few months later because I have literally worn them out that the sole would fall out. So I think investing in sturdy and long-lasting flats can help me save money and time. Its better to buy items that can last for a long time rather than buying ones that are wear and tear.

Rating: 4/5

Consensus: I advice not too keep the flats folded all the time, because it ruins the interior sole of the shoe. When you keep it in your bag make sure than you remove it from its folded position as often as you can. These flats are not intended to be folded but kept in its original form.

This product is currently unavailable. But here is the link to view the item.

Review: Hermès Clic H Bracelet
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Review on Hermès’s Clic H Bracelet as seen on Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Jessica.

One of Hermès’ most iconic bracelets, the Clic H bracelet is a piece Hermes collectors should have. Featuring a ‘H’ clasp to represent the brand, Clic H bracelets are one of the easiest Hermes items one can find.

Coming in an array of vibrant enamel colours, the Clic H bracelet comes in 3 different ‘wideness,’ – narrow, wide, and extra wide. You can also choose which hardware you would like for the bracelet (either gold plated hardware or silver palladium hardware.) Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Jessica all have the narrow versions of the bracelet.


The bracelet is made in France and the quality of it is superb. The design of the bracelet is a classic and it would never go out of style. It is also very simple and casual which will attract the attention of different ages, particularly consumers in the range of 10s – 30s. 

When I first bought this bracelet, I was confused as to how I would wear the bracelet because the diameter looks pretty small. Hermès uses a rather discreet and interesting way for people to wear the bracelet. The ‘H’ clasp can be slightly turned and opened, allowing the customer to fit their hand inside. If a pick pocketer were to steal your bracelet, it’d be difficult for him / her to actually get it out of your hand.


One of the drawbacks I find is that although I bought the smallest size of the bracelet, it is still quite loose and would occasionally drape down my arm which I find to be slightly annoying. The bracelet is also rather heavy for a bracelet due to the material it is made out of which might be a turn off for some people.

Another drawback is wearing the bracelet itself. After opening the bracelet through the ‘H’ clasp, you need to close the bracelet and return the ‘H’ clasp back to it’s original position for it to secure. When you first buy the bracelet, it is difficult to connect the two parts of the bracelet together because it is not as flexible and as a result, part of your skin near the wrist area might be accidentally ‘clasped’ along the way as you try to return the bracelet into the original position. Once the bracelet has been worn many times though, it will start to get more ‘flexible.’

The biggest drawback for consumers would definitely be the price. For the narrow version of the bracelet, it costs $610 but to some people, the price may be no surprise as Hermes usually has a high price range for everything they produce due to the fact that they want to be exclusive as a brand.

All in all, it is a great bracelet to have. It is classy and simple and would definitely appeal to many people and would give your outfit more ‘pop!’ If the price was toned down a bit more, it would surely attract even more consumers!

Rating: 3.5/5 

You can purchase the bracelet here.

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Review: Yves Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc Tote Bag
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Review on Yves Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc Tote Bag as seen on Sooyoung.

The YSL Chyc Tote is beautifully crafted from sturdy black leather and the famous “Y” gold hardware for an added polish. As some may know YSL is now changed to Saint Laurent Paris and this is the last bag in their collection that engraves the name “Yves Saint Laurent”. What comes with the change of branding is that Chyc Totebag has the detailed “Y” stitching on the bag itself and the “Y” hardware is shinier and smooth surfaced as opposed to the old one that has a blunt shine. Also the new Cabas Chyc bag comes with a long strap where you can convert the bag into sling. I still prefer the old design that the new one because it gives off a more vintage vibe that it does not really look dated but still modern because of its details.

I had to privilege to try this bag out for sampling along with the mini Cabas Chyc version. I really wanted to have more but designer bags are a bit of a splurge but I still prefer bags out of bovine leather, for the reason that it is lighter and is practical for everyday use. But I think one needs to invest in at least one designer bag in their closet. I like this bag because it really gives a vintage yet sophisticated look. It does not over power an outfit and I really love the intricate “Y” detailing across the bag that gives is an edge and it can put a touch of elegance to every outfit. That really draws me to the bag is the details and the stitching that is really worth its price. I think I good designer bag is worth the investment because it lasts for a long time with proper care.

Sooyoung here has the Cabas Chyc Bag in the medium size. The bag is made in Italy out of calfskin leather and it’s height is 11″, it is 15″ wide and 6 1/2″ in dimension. The leather has a pebble-like finish that is really chic and vintage. The sophisticated “Y” for Yves tab displayed in the front is a magnetic closure. The bag has a structured body in a sense that it’s not as flimsy as and it can still hold its shape. Though its leather is quite soft, the sturdy base contribute to the re-shaping of the bag and it prevents the bag from having bulges on the bottom of bag from things that are heavy such as a laptop or a tablet.  The drop of the handles is  5 1/2″ that can be worn over the shoulders or at the crook of your elbow. The interior of the bag has a zipper and a small cellphone pocket. Above the zipper is the label “Yves Saint Laurent” in the new one it is labeled “Saint Laurent Paris”.

To open the bag you lift the tab and it shows you 2 zippers that open in opposite directions, which is super convenient to those who like the zipper on one side of the bag. So the placement of the opening of the bag is to your taste and it opens until either ends of the bag that can be detached so you can lift it to close the zipper easier.

What comes with buying the bag is a swatch of the leather they used, (this could be handy if you are going to repair the bag) and instructions on how to care for the bag. I think it is important to read the care instructions that comes with the bag because there are certain surfaces the calfskin leather is not compatible with that can destroy the exterior of the bag. Actually I know some places around my country, the Philippines, that is like a cleaning service specially for handbags that gives it a unique coating and shine so that if ever you scratch the bag or someone accidentally passes a ball pen across it, it only touches the coating and not the actual surface of the bag.


What comes with designer bags like this is the weight, even without your belongings inside, it already weighs like you have a bottle of water inside. Thus, the  bag gets too heavy is you put too much stuff that can lead you to carrying it like a plastic grocery bag. Even wearing it over the shoulders can be bothersome because it can feel heavy after a while. I don’t really like heavy bags and I walk a lot so the weight of my bag really matters because I don’t want to feel like I’m bringing a luggage.

Rating 3.5/5

Tote bag can be brought here.

Review: Diptyque Baies Noire (300g Candle) / Berries
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A review on Diptyque Baies Noire (300g Candle) / Berries as depicted on Yuri’s Instagram.

There is nothing better than a good scented candle to bring some fragrance into a room without being to overwhelming. In my personal opinion scented candles work better than house air fresheners as they do not engulf the room with an artificial scent and are much preferred to reed diffusers which are too subtle and loose their scent after a week. With a lot of testing to find the perfect scented candle that I discovered French brand, Diptyque.

Well-known French perfumer, Diptyque are infamous for their high quality scented candles which are made from natural high quality ingredients. The wax in each candle is evenly distributed which allows the candle to burn evenly and are inspected to enure that wicks which are straightened by hand are 3-4mm long1. Diptyque scented candles are presented in a mouth-blown glass2 and packaged with care with accompanying instructions on how to care for candles.

It is perhaps with this attention to detail and quality of product that this 300g candle comes to a pricey $90USD and if you are like me and residing in Australia, the RRP for this magnificent candle is approximated $135AUD at David Jones! But is the price worth it?

Yes, it is. The Baies scent is my second favourite (first being Gardenia) from the perfumer’s candle range. The bouquet of roses and black currant leaves has a fruity scent that is not too overpowering. Though the dominant scent in the concoction is the black currant leaves, you can still smell the delicate scent of roses if you take the moment to inhale to identify the scents lingering in your room. I find this scent unique as it is not a typical fruity or floral scent that one would come across often, and have been complimented a few times by visitors who all have asked what scent I have used in my room.

I would advise following  care instructions that come with the package, such as trimming the candle wick after use to ensure a cleaner burn for future use. The smokey black glass also shouldn’t be left to waste after finishing the candle and after using the Baies candle, I cleaned out my jar and reused it as a small vase for flowers from my garden. Other great things I have seen some people do with their recycled Diptyque jars were: create a terrarium 3, make-up holder 4, and hair-pin holder 5.


  • Approx. burn time: 90 hours.
  • 10.2 oz.
  • Approx. dimensions: 3 1/2″W x 4 1/4″H6

Rating: 4.5/5

You can purchase the Diptyque Baies Noire candle here

Review: Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM
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A review on the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM as seen with Yuri.

Louis Vuitton creates the best quality and best looking handbags, due to it’s high fashion status it also has the best celebrity approval for go-to bags. The girls have been seen using LV bags for many occasions, amongst them is Yuri who used this LV tote bag with the likes of fashion model Cara Delevigne, Hollywood actress Amanda Seyfried, and fellow K-Pop star Park Bom.

This bag may look simple, but it has many unique features/designs that make it worth it’s price!

Specs1*All photos above are personal photos

The classic and elegant design has a very vintage appeal (reminiscent of 1940’s fashion). Although it has a vintage style, it can be styled in different ways to make it look more modern. The bag features a damier (checkered) pattern with the ‘Louis Vuitton Paris’ name printed in a small typography fitting the size of one check block.

The size of the tote is quite large, it’s 12.6 inches tall and 15.4 inches in depth, so it’s a perfect day bag and versatile enough for people who need to carry multiple items. This bag can even pack an extra pair of clothes and still have your necessities (such as wallet, cellphone, etc.) inside, this makes it fully explain the bag’s name: “Neverfull”.

The canvas has very small ridges to match the damier pattern. It’s actually thin compared to other LV bags so it might be more prone to scratches (although I never got the bag damaged in any way). Take note that the white canvas version (like Yuri’s) might attract dirt and mess easily, so take the safe way out and use a leather protector/cleaner once you choose to get that canvas color. I opted for the brown canvas version due to that reason and because it had a more vintage feel compared to the white canvas, which I personally liked. Even if Louis Vuitton is known for providing one of the finest leatherwear, it’s best to take precautionary measures when it comes to the care of luxury items.

The bag’s inside pattern has gorgeous striped monogram pattern with a cursive typography of the brand name. The brown canvas has a red interior, while the white canvas has an off-white interior. It also has an inside zip pocket perfect for keeping personal belongings in style.

The bag is also notably light and flexible. It adjusts itself to whatever you plan on keeping inside. As a drawback, it can look burdened once it’s been overpacked. The thin leather trimmings have gold accents, some are on decorative form such as buttons, and some for more practical purposes such as an interior D-ring to slightly close the bag and placement for car keys and accessories.

A big inconvenience that I experienced from this bag would be the fact that it doesn’t have a zip closure. The tote bag is meant to be left open, leaving other people to see your belongings easily and worse, a higher chance for pick-pockets. Therefore it’s not the best bag for those who also look for security.

As I said earlier, the bag is flexible and this is also due to it’s leather drawstrings. Once the drawstrings are pulled, it can change the bag’s shape into something more of a pyramid or square depending on how it’s adjusted.
Here’s a look at what it looks like once the leather drawstrings are pulled:


It takes the bag some getting used to. The sides of the bag have to be folded first before the leather drawstring can be adjusted. The bag’s large size is one of it’s main features, but it’s great to have the fact that the look and size can be changed entirely with the simple pull of a drawstring.

Essentially, this is a magnificent bag! It definitely lives up to Louis Vuitton’s standards and it is a perfect blend of multi-functional features with a timeless design. However, it does lose a very important feature which is the full zip closure, but it’s many outstanding benefits still makes this make a win!

Rating: 4.5/5

You can purchase the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM here.

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