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[2011.08.19] New Photos of Jessica Surface for Marie Claire Korea
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In the middle of downtown Bangkok. We met with Jessica, who was standing there alone. This is her rugged yet sexy and tough but sensual Levi’s denim styling.  Price is undecided for all clothes and accessories.

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White sleeveless top with red checkered shirt, military jumper, denim pants (Levi’s), bangles on right arm (Black Muse), stylist collection bracelet on left arm, and ring on left hand (mzuu).


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White sleeveless top and checkered long shirt, denim pants (Levi’s), red and green bracelets on right arm (Yurinari), studded stylist collection bracelet, and ring on left finger (mzuu).

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White sleeveless top and denim shirt (Levi’s), gold rings (Gerard Tully at Daily Project).

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White sleeveless top, checkered long cardigan, denim pants (Levi’s), brown bracelet on right arm, beige bracelet on left arm from stylist collection, leather bangle on left arm and teddy bear necklace (Yurinari), wool ankle boots (Manas).


Posted ImageWhite sleeveless top and checkered pink shirt, red padded vest, denim pants (Levi’s), stud bangle on left arm (mzuu), white bangle on right arm (Black Muse).

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[2011.07.15] Girls’ Generation’s Airport Fashion a Hot Topic in Japan
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Girls’ Generation’s airport fashion has been gaining much attention in Japan as well.

Girls’ Generation’s album in Japan recently sold over 500,000 copies, becoming “double platinum”. As if their popularity is reflecting on that, Girls’ Generation’s airport fashion has also become a hot topic in Japan.

The reason why Girls’ Generation’s airport fashion has been gaining attention is because it is natural yet stylish. Japanese women in their twenties are already copying Girls’ Generation’s fashion.

Girls’ Generation’s airport fashion has an urban and chic style, balanced with a cute and cheerful style, showing various outfits.

Taeyeon’s loose-fitting blouse and denim sneakers showed a comfortable style. Seohyun also wore denim, but she had a more casual, mature look by wearing a long cardigan and chain bag.

Tiffany showed off a chic look with this summer’s trend, an ankle-long maxi dress, while Yoona had a more formal look wearing a white jacket matched with a black undershirt and sunglasses, making her look thoughtful.

When an Mnet crew member who interviewed Japanese on Girls’ Generation’s popularity, they answered, “Girls’ Generation’s growing popularity has been influencing Japan’s fan culture to change. Their popularity hasn’t ended with just their songs, but it has also become an influence on fashion and makeup techniques.”

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Just Like Girls’ Generation’s Yoona! The Secret on How to Get the Innocent Look
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What do Nichkhun, G-Dragon, Lee Seungki, and Lee Yongdae have in common?

The answer is that they all chose Girls’ Generation’s Yoona as their ideal type. While there are many female idol members going with sexy concepts, the one that has been capturing the hearts of men with her deer-like eyes is “innocent” Yoona.


Girls’ Generation Headed for Paris: 9 People–9 Colors, Airport Fashion, Chic Look vs. Casual Look, ‘Who’s the Best?’
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Girl group Girls’ Generation showed off an airport fashion that fit each of their personalities.

Girls’ Generation left for Paris, France on June 7th from Incheon International Airport in Seoul for the “SM Town Live World Tour in Paris” concert.

How was their fashion at the airport, better known recently as “another runway”? The nine Girls’ Generation members each dressed up in their own way, but some looked like they paid more attention, while others dressed more comfortably.


SNSD – “Carefully Apply Sunscreen When You Go up on Stage”
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Girls’ Generation: “Carefully Apply Sunscreen When You Go up on Stage”

Many women are jealous of Girls’ Generation members’ clear, white skin. Girls’ Generation members, who are Dior makeup models, stress on protecting their skin from sunlight and putting on natural makeup.