Girls’ Generation Headed for Paris: 9 People–9 Colors, Airport Fashion, Chic Look vs. Casual Look, ‘Who’s the Best?’
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Girl group Girls’ Generation showed off an airport fashion that fit each of their personalities.

Girls’ Generation left for Paris, France on June 7th from Incheon International Airport in Seoul for the “SM Town Live World Tour in Paris” concert.

How was their fashion at the airport, better known recently as “another runway”? The nine Girls’ Generation members each dressed up in their own way, but some looked like they paid more attention, while others dressed more comfortably.

A little more overt, standard of “chic airport look” – Yoona, Sooyoung, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny

Yoona, Sooyoung, Jessica, Tiffany, and Sunny matched their clothes with black as the base. While adding some style with clothes that seem to have a fit line, they wore items with a bit more elasticity, giving them a little more comfort when on board.

The two members that dressed the smartest and most stylish on this day were Tiffany and Sunny.

Tiffany wore a leopard-print one-piece matched with a long cardigan. She took comfortability into consideration by choosing cotton clothes while keeping style in mind. She was chosen for having the most standout outfit this day. She also mixed and matched items with walkers, aviator sunglasses, and a large bag, completing her entire fashion with a lot of accessories.

Sunny’s all-black airport fashion style is one that can be seen often. She matched black skinny jeans with a black T-shirt, and finished it off with a black bag and shoes. If she wore black sunglasses as well, she would have passed for the Grim Reaper. However, Sunny was sensible enough to wear slightly brown sunglasses.

Yoona wore black jeans with a jacket along with big-sized sunglasses, hitting all three beats for chicness. However, it was a bit unfortunate that her pink bag and heels did not match the rest of her outfit.

Sooyoung’s bag, heels, and other accessories were all black, giving off a chic mood. Her flower-print skirt and sky blue jacket fit the spring mood, showing a very skilled fashion sense. However, her short skirt would be uncomfortable during long flights.

Jessica showed up in an unbalanced gray one-piece matched with a leather rider jacket, creating the image of a beautiful spy. She wore white flats, showing comfortability, but they did not go well with the rest of her outfit.

A little more comfortable, the standard for the “casual airport look” – Hyoyeon, Yuri, Seohyun, Taeyeon

Hyoyeon, Yuri, Taeyeon, and Seohyun wore casual clothes, creating a cheerful, comfortable airport fashion look. Of casual looks, Hyoyeon and Taeyeon went with a “girlish look”, while Yuri and Seohyun showed off “boyish looks”.

Hyoyeon wore a one-piece with a unique pattern and print and matched it with a jean jacket, giving off a retro, girlish look. However, there were too many points of focus, making the entire style distracting. Taeyeon wore a dress-like big ribbon T-shirt with short pants, showing the most basic type of “disappearing pants” fashion.

Yuri, who has been gaining popularity with her pretty looks and laid-back personality, showed the standard of boyish airport fashion. She wore a loose long-sleeved T-shirt with short pants along with black walkers and a cap, livening up her style.  Paying attention to the small details by wearing a bold necklace and tying a plaid shirt around her waist, she completed the comfortable, yet casual look, well.

Maknae Seohyun wore light-colored skinny jeans with a jacket that gives off a military-like feel, giving her a tomboy look. She garnered attention for matching the outfit with white oxfords.

Stars’ airport fashion is something which ordinary people always look “for something to copy”. We were able to look into many different styles with Girls’ Generation’s airport fashion this time around.

Reporters: Choe Sinae, Jeong Yujin, Yi Hanhyeong
Source: Nate
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  1. cream ·

    Awesome article, thanks for translating and editing!
    I absolutely adore Sooyoung and Hyoyeon’s outfits!
    I wished they showed Hyoyeon without her denim jacket as she really did take it off and made the ensemble less chaotic.
    The article maybe critiquing on airport travel fashion but if you’re going to get snapped at the airport minus well make yourself look presentable even if it isn’t comfortable to fly in. 😉

  2. angelygirl91 ·

    they all look good. but hyo’s outfit seems a little too much, but she still looks pretty. i liked seobabys outfit the best 🙂

  3. soccerz123 ·

    i’d say yuri, sica and sunny looked the best..
    yuri’s hot pants shows her legs’ sexiness once again, and it really defines the meaning of sexy in her.. the shirt that was tied around her waist is really, and i mean really casual because a lot of ppl do it including me.. 🙂

    sica has that.. idk how girls call it since im a boy.. is it a one piece ?? anyways, it fits her cause it covers most part of the body and isnt tht.. weird.. altho yeah it looks weird.. .but the leather jacket she wears helps keep that image..

    sunny’s all black look is just classic~… with the white earphones it looks so much better.. to be honest i was attracted to her when i saw this pic.. its like she made me so much more into her now..
    i like yoona’s too, mayb cause i dress a lot like her.. 😀

  4. Adryanna ·

    Aaah! Elasticity is what it is – fashionable and comfortable!

    Excluding the whole airport-comfortable-fashion thing, I thought Sooyoungs outfit was the most fashionable, it suited her body and personality, and she looked damn gorgeous. I love that she matched a light colored floral skirt with everything else being plain colors. I think the shoes made it seem not too … Church like which was god lol.

    YulTae did a great job in looking comfortable and still be cute, sexy, and fashionable and they were 2 different looks – the whole burly and tomboy thing.

    I thought Yoonas bag went well with her outfit but the shoes, no. The same with Jess and her shoes. Now Hyoyeon … It’s not ugly, it’s actually kinda cute, but … What is it? lol just when I think calling her the fashion terrorist was an exaggeration she wears that haha.

    I definitely agree about 2Nys outfits: it was like the right amount of comfortable and fashion so it was appropriate for the whole celebrity at airport thing lol. Seohyun too but I haven’t got that fashion feel for her yet haha she is still baby seo to me so I always think she looks comfortable and plain cute!! Rofl

    This was awesome, thanks for this!

  5. sweetphan ·

    Sunny use all-black, it can makes u looks taller, i read it on magazine…and she use super high-heels too, maybe she tired being the shortest in the group…

  6. kariz ·

    I think the best super best outfit is Fany’s. Free people clothes are awesome and she knows how to match items very well~ Fany u are the best!

  7. leovina quinto ·

    I really like the girl’s dresses.. so unique and so different from each other… I like Sooyoung’s outfit “classy but chic”… but the most I like is Yoona unnie! I really like the cardigan, sunglasses, bag, shoes, pants.!.everything! Her hair! So beautiful… !