SNSD: Lie Sang Bong, Mzuu
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Lie Sang Bong: Fall 2009 RTW Collection
Thanks to Rei for the tip!

Mzuu: Novel Way Necklace @ $66

Lie Sang Bong: Fall 2010 RTW Collection

Lie Sang Bong: Fall 2008 RTW Collection

Mzuu: Kiss the Rain Bracelet @ $110,88

Mzuu: Flower Runner @  $79,20

As seen in: The Boys Music Video

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  1. Janine Lee ·

    🙂 About hyo’s coat, I think I have seen it twice already in korean TV. And this is the 3rd time! But she still pulled that off well! Love it!!!! 🙂

  2. Adryanna ·

    Seohyuns dress looks a little feisty on the model but with Seohyun she looks like a modern Chinese princess lol I think it’s the hair and the soft makeup but she sold it because I want it … if only I could afford it.