Yoona: Who Wore it Better
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As seen in the 24/7 MV Press Conference in February of 2009. Yoona is wearing the Yellow Speckle Dress by Lie Sang Bong. She had also complemented the dress with sandal heels. Goo Hyesun has also been seen wearing this dress in the drama Boys Over Flowers having a black fur shawl over the dress with black tights and heels.

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  1. cream ·

    I think I prefer Yoona’s look. It’s a shame we can’t see her heels in the photo, however I think Hyesun’s fur shawl and stockings take away from the dress

  2. Adryanna ·

    Exactly what Mintee said. The shawl and stockings killed the outfit with Goo Hyesun. Yoona basically went bare and it complimented her fair skin and her natural styled hair.

  3. C-lowicious ·

    The dress is shapeless lol it was designed like that. But Yoona makes it work on her. I just love her hair more than anything …

  4. Mariana_PLP ·

    when i saw this dress in boys over flower (and they talk about it) i was thinking that it was really awfull
    actually, i think the caracther fashion sense was awfull
    yoona changed my opnion about the dress, she was really beautifull wearing it