SNSD: Who Wore It Better?
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It’s another SNSD-f(x) showdown, and this time Jessica battles it out with f(x)’s Sulli as both of them were spotted wearing the same top at different events. The shirt with leather detailing is from the Fall 2011 Collection of South Korean brand, Nohke J. Jessica wore it together with leather panel pants and pumps at the S/S 2012 Seoul Fashion Week months ago. On the other hand, Sulli styled it identically with black pants and boots when she walked the red carpet at the 2011 Melon Music Awards. Both sported the big wavy hairstyle and had respective accessories with them. The only distinct difference between the two gorgeous ladies is that long-torso Sulli chose to cover up by wearing a black camisole underneath the shirt.

Which SM beauty do you think rocked the Nohke J shirt?

Who Wore It Better?

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In the next round of Who Wore It Better, Yuri clashes with Kara’s Park Gyuri as they show off their own style wearing an ensemble from Kaal E. Suktae’s Spring 2010 RTW Collection. Yuri went ahead and showcased her infamous black pearl image when she wore this outfit in attendance to the 2010 Melon Music Awards. She kept everything else simple, from her straight sleek hair to minimal accessories. Also, she wore opaque tights under and a pair of black ankle boots. On the other hand, Kara’s leader Park Gyuri wore the same number for her group’s promotional photos for its album “Lupin”. She matched it with a shaggy short hairstyle and thigh-high boots. The cape plus dress gave her the perfect portrayal of mystery.

So, is it Yuri’s sexy styling or is it Park Gyuri’s Lupin rendition?

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  1. Rifdi ·

    If im not wrong, remember wHat yuri wore For Seoul music awards 2011 red carpet? If I remember correctly, Kahi was seen using the same dress in one of the early episodes for dream high 2

  2. froggie ·

    haha Sulli’s “long torso”
    between Jessica and Sulli i think Jessica pulled it off better.
    leather pants help give her top an emphasis as it matched out with the top’s pockets and collar. Jessica’s heels that showed a bit of her foot as compared to Sulli’s boots give everything an overall balance. while Sulli kinda got drowned out by her bottom.

    For the 2nd i picked Yuri. Gyuri’s thigh boots and gloves makes her limbs look short. She’d look better without the gloves.

  3. starry daisy ·

    Jessica’s leather pant is the killer and it matches well with the heels. Plus she has a purse with her, which everything just goes well together with overall good balance. Sulli’s does not have much emphasis on neither top nor bottom.

    As for Yuri, I like the fact that she covered her thigh which switch the focus to her top.

  4. Ysa ·

    Well, I’m not being bias here but I choose the Soshi members.
    First Jessica, her leather pants stand out. Wearing all black makes your outfit boring but she paired her blouse with a leather pants and killer heels. Although Sulli’s hair match the outfit. *.*

    For the second outfit, Gyuri. The gloves, hairstyle and boots made her look short. Although it matches their concept. I think it’s not the best style. As for Yuri, she complimented the outfit with a stocking and her straight sleek hair which made her look more taller and sexier..

  5. Tengku Amsyar ·

    The leather detailing on Jessica’s outfit is what made the top look better on her ,she paired it with leather pants ,black pumps and also a black bag ,which all goes together well ,so I choose Jessica.

    Yuri looked lean and beautiful in the ensemble while Gyuri looked short ,the gloves ,short hairstyle and fedora didn’t help her either. I like how Yuri covered her legs with the tights to divert the attention towards her top ,and now I realize why she’s the one who always wears capes during The Boys promotion ,she’s the one who looks the best with it LOL ^__^

  6. Sierra ·

    Outfit #1: Jessica, definitely. She managed to make that frumpy shirt look sleek and polished, whereas Sulli’s hair and outfit make it look like she just rolled out of bed :/ I think the main problem is that Jessica’s body is a tad fuller than Sulli’s is, so her shape stands out more from the billowy shirt, whereas Sully is kinda drowning in it O_O

    Outfit #2: I am conflicted. On the one hand, Gyuri is waaay too overaccesorized. The general rule is, if you’re wearing a statement piece, keep everything else minimal, which Yuri did. BUT, Yuri also looks hunched and lanky in that outfit, it gives a really awkward vibe. So, I really can’t decide who looks better…it’s just not a nice outfit to begin with, either way lol

  7. danlovesYUL ·

    i’ll go with YURI she looks so hot and gorgeous in the way she dressed it factor is she’s very tall♥ btw…gorgeous sexy YURI… Goddess like