Review: Canon EOS 5D
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Review on Canon EOS 5D DSLR as seen with Jessica.

In my opinion, this Canon EOS 5D is very useful one especially since I’m not a professional photographer so I enjoy using it. Although I think the one that seen with Sooyoung has more features, but here I want to tell you why this Canon EOS 5D DSLR is interesting.

Strengths: This DSLR works great with landscape and other outdoor scenes. I don’t mean that it doesn’t work great for indoor scene though. Of course the pictures themselves are in great quality. Seriously why I’m in love with this one is because the pictures’ quality. The Canon EOS 5D has 12.8 megapixel sensor which brings up nice picture quality. Outdoor pictures look more natural and based on my experiences, they are satisfying. Its autofocus works fast and acurate even in a low-light scene. The big full-frame finder is really an important part of this camera.  While not quite the 100% viewfinder found on 1-Series DSLRs, EOS 5D’s 96% viewfinder works good. I also like the 2.5″ LCD that allows me to read the menus better. The LCD’s contrast is pretty nice too. I must consider that EOS 5D is very comfortable to hold. The grip hangs onto fingers well. The next reason is its weight – it’s lightweight so it’s very useful at anytime you want it to.

Weaknesses: Sometimes the problem I find is dust. I don’t know why exactly dust easily gets on the sensor and of course it needs to be clean up with safe cleaning kits. Then, the features are very standard for a DSLR. It has few shooting mode; some basic mode like Portrait and Landscape have been removed. I also think this is not recommended for sports scene. Because it has relatively slow 3 fps continuos shooting mode (normally, fps needs shutter speeds of 1/250 seconds).

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. Erwin D ·

    of course 5D is good, because it’s a gear for Profesional Photographer, with full frame image [what you see is what you get], i think the weakness part is now covered, because 5D is getting better now, it looks like 5D on the photo are Mark 1 (MK1) now 5D is already available in in Mark 2 (MK2) 🙂