What Is Girls’ Generation’s Glitter Makeup Beauty Secret?
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Girls’ Generation has finally made their comeback that we’ve been waiting and waiting for. They always fill expecations with different concepts with every comeback, and they did not disappoint this time either.

While Girls’ Generation has showed cute, girly images that stimulated oppa fans’ protective instincts, they returned with a luxurious, mature image that’s captured the world. They have taken off their girly image and are showing off their mysterious, sexy sides.

Where did their mature beauty transformation come from? Let’s take a look at their beauty secret.

▲Aesthetics of elegance, add posh with luxurious jewelry

Before their comeback stage, the girls showed off their femme fatale-like charms in their music video for “The Boys”. They gave off a vintage feel with their dress and bold jewelry, completing their goddess look by incorporating the color red in various parts.

Yoona, in particular, wore a tiara and a showy, luxurious necklace embedded with stones in the first scene of the music video. Sunny, who garnered attention with her short-cut hair, used a silver-toned, bold necklace and bracelet to add a feminine, sexy look alongside the present boyish look.

With her long hair, Tiffany wore earrings that drop down near her shoulder line, while Taeyeon had a showy, yet mysterious appeal with gold bracelets. Their jewelry styling also captured viewers’ eyes through their comeback stage.

By showing a style different from the past, members in the group captured the attention of viewers with the tiaras, bracelets, necklaces, and other items worn in their music video. Members who wore uniforms showed off their boyish charms, while adding a mysterious, luxurious, sexy beauty with the use of jewelry, showing a form of styling that sets them apart from other girl groups.

Jewelry designer Kim Jeongju of Mucha explained, “In their music video, Girls’ Generation matched jewelry that reminds one of medieval times, carrying bold, luxurious designs, at different parts (of their bodies), giving off fancy, femme fatale appeal. Their uniform style seen on stage, and other boyish styles like it, can also carry a feminine feel with the use of jewelry.”

▲Show off a mysterious, sexy beauty with gold glitter makeup

Another secret to Girls’ Generation’s transformation in goddesses is their generally pearly, glitter makeup! Their special makeup also added onto their glamourous, mature and mysterious appeal. With a generally strong, pearly, gold tone, they showed unity with the addition of makeup with a shade of orange. With their foundation and matte skin, they completed a porcelain-like look. With a slight touchup with a coral orange highlighter, there can be emphasis added for a feminine look.

Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun wore gold tone eye shadow around their underline. Using mascara on the eyelashes along their underline, they were able to show a mysterious look they hadn’t done before.

Sunny, Sooyoung, and Jessica wore gold colors, and gave emphasis with eyeliner. The strong pearl and eyeliner made the girls’ charismatic eyes stand out on stage.

Makeup salon blowblush’s Lee Kkotnim CD (director) stated, “If you want to wear a romantic, fall-like mood, yet mysterious look, focus on pearly, gold glitter makeup like Girls’ Generation. When applying gold colored eye shadow, use a gradient technique, by gradually getting a deeper color as you get closer to your (eye) line. To get eyes that seem deep, using gold glitter makeup is the best choice.”

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