Seohyun: Melon Award ’10 Hairstyle Tutorial
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You might need:

Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron

This curler will allow you to create the loose and bouncy curls that are the hallmark of the look.

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L’oreal Ever Pure Frizz Free Serum

This serum will keep the curls smooth and frizz-free under duress, and overall give the hairstyle a sleek look.

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Flat Iron (For those with curly/wavy hair to begin with)


1. Wash and dry hair.

2. Using a comb, go through hair to remove knots while applying L’oreal Ever Pure Frizz Free Serum. (For those with curly/wavy hair, use a flat iron to straighten hair after this portion)

3. Separate hair into medium-sized sections, angling them towards the right-side of your scalp

4. Using the Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron, starting roughly 3 inches from the bottom of each section and curl upwards, beginning with the back section and being sure to use gentle twists to achieve the “loose” look

5. Repeat Step 4 with subsequent sections, gradually curling less and less hair until the curls stop at jaw-level for the front-most section

6. Using your fingers, twirl hair until desired curl is achieved. Apply L’oreal Ever Pure Frizz Free Serum to curls

Optional: Using a flat iron, straighten bangs up until jawline to achieve a more “defined” look




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