Jessica: Mr. Taxi Hair Tutorial
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You might need:

Inzunami 450 Ceramic Flat Iron

This iron will allow you to create the gentle curls/waves necessary for the style, and holds heat well.

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Free and Clear Hair Spray Soft, Easy Hold

This spray will allow the hair to maintain shape while still allowing for a “bounce”.

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1. Comb or brush out any tangles or knots before proceeding.

2. Using the Izanumi 450, gently straighten the front section of your bangs forward over your forehead, being sure to keep them even.

3. Continuing to use the iron, using one hand to hold the iron at the handle, and your other hand to hold the top of the iron between your thumb and index fingers, move the iron downwards, slowly toward the ends, alternately flipping the iron upside down and back again as you continue gliding down the hair, section by section. This technique should create the gentle curves/waves shown above.

4. Apply Free & Clear to the finished product to keep the curl/waves set, as well as the bangs.

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