Yuri: Low-Curly Ponytail
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You might need :



Hot Tools Professional Gold CurlyQ Tapered Iron
Fast heat-up and variable heat settings. Effortlessly dress up your hair into the perfect curl or spiral.
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L’Oréal Elnett StrongHold Hairspray
This hairspray will give you a smooth, velvety finished look. Your hair won’t be crunched.
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1. Comb your hair evenly to lose any knots and tangles.

2. Tie your hair as a ponytail (using a rubber-hair band), but leave a strand of hair for future uses. Tie it on the bottom-left part of your head.

3.  Take the strand of hair (mentioned in step 2), and wrap it on top of the rubber-hair band. This strand of hair is meant to hide the rubber-hair band. After it’s wrapped around the band, take a bobby pin and clip it on the end of the strand.

4. Use Hot Tools Professional Gold CurlyQ Tapered Iron and curl the loose ends on your ponytail. Curl it loosely; you don’t want to end up curling your hair too formally.

5. After it’s curled, use L’Oréal Elnett StrongHold Hairspray to spray your curly ponytail evenly.

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