Yoona – ‘Beauty Talk: Her Beauty Secrets’
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Innisfree: Magic Floral Sheer Base @ Innisfree.co.kr $13
Issey Miyake: L’Eau D’Issey Reflets D’une Goutte @ Amazon.com $51.09
Innisfree: Magic Floral Cream @ Innisfree.co.kr
Aveda: Damage Repair Shampoo @ Aveda.com

Thanks to Elaine for the Aveda and Issey Miyake tip!

Translated by: gotmilk? (Soshified.com/forums)
Photoshop by: cream (Soshified.com/forums)
Article by: InStyle Korea

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  1. Amy ·

    Yay! I wish they would tell us more often what products they use, that would be amazing! I think if they did that, things would go out of stock faster! ^_^

  2. lena ·

    is it the damage restructuring shampoo or is it the damage treatment? lol i want to try the aveda products since i dye my hair too much >__> hmm i wonder how the perfume smells like…i only have the innisfree cream lol thanks for sharing~