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The Centaur: Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Collection
Walker Hill Sandal @ ~$107

Miu Miu: Spring 2012 RTW Collection
Bebe: Crochet Scalloped Shorts @ $56

Miu Miu: Western Leather Mules @ $890

Issey Miyake: Spring 2012 RTW Collection
Perché: Kendra @ ₩39,900
Epitath: Studded Black Heels @ ~$346

Perché: Susie @ ₩39,900

As seen in: Elle Girl Korea, July 2012 Issue

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  1. Della ·

    Seohyun looks stunning in that first picture, that high waist lace skirt is so lovely. Those lace shorts on Tiffany are beautiful and they fit her perfectly.