SNSD: Bold Hair Colours
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The girls of SNSD have been showing bold new hair colours from taeyeon’s bleached tips to sunny’s new purple hair, in this post, we’ll show you ways to achieve these hair colours and potential products you can use!

*NOTE* : These are not the girls actual hair colours buy we have done our research so they are very close !

PLEASE READ IF YOU WISH TO PURCHASE/USE THE PRODUCTS LISTED: The hair dye’s listed in this post are SEMI PERMANENT ! Meaning THEY WILL FADE !!! The cream formula’s are vegan and Ammonia free, Peroxide free, and PPD free. Because they are semi permanent colours and do not have the harmful chemicals most permanent hair dye’s have, it is recommended that you shampoo your hair and then leave the cream formula in for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE so that your hair really absorbs the colour.



Manic Panic Amplified Flash Lightning Bleach Kit & Manic Panic Virgin Snow White Toner

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DIRECTIONS: apply bleach to the tips of your hair, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FROM THE PACKET! Once you’ve bleached your hair and washed it out, apply Manic Panic’s virgin snow white toner, this will remove any yellow/orange pigments left in your hair to achieve hair as light as snow.


Manic Panic Vampire Red

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*For best results/bolder results, bleaching your hair is recommended! If you’ve never bleached your hair before it is best to have it done professionally!*

DIRECTIONS: Shampoo hair and towel dry. Apply the hair dye all over your hair. For bolder and longer lasting colours, leave the hair dye in for as long as possible (min. 30 minutes).


Manic Panic Fuschia Shock

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DIRECTIONS: Bleach hair /section until about Golden Blonde (Taeyeon’s hair colour in the picture), apply the hairdye over the streak ( mix with a bit of conditioner if you wish to have it lighter), leave in for as long as possible (min. 30 minutes)


Manic Panic Mystic Heather

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DIRECTIONS: Section off top layer of hair + shampoo. Bleach hair until light golden colour (think sunny’s hair colour in the boy’s era). Apply hair dye + leave in for as long as possible (min 30 minutes).


Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink

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Directions: Section off bottom layer of hair. Bleach until hair is yellow blonde to platinum blonde. Apply hairdye + leave on for as long as possible (min 30 minutes).


*Thanks to miyukiwi for the tip!*

Manic Panic Atomic Turqoise

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Directions: Section off top part of hair + bleach until YELLOW-ISH blonde for best results. Mix the atomic turqoise hair dye with a few pumps of conditioner. mix until colour of hair dye is three shades darker than the colour you wish to achieve. Apply hair dye and leave it in for as long as possible (min. 30 minutes)

TIP: If you wish to maintain this hair colour for as long as possible, after dying it do not wash hair for about 2 days and wash with cold water only. Mixing a bit of the hair dye into your conditioner also helps!

Good luck ! (: