SNSD: RED Valentino, Chanel, IRO, and more
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Tiffany RED Valentino Chanel

RED Valentino: Bow Button Parka @ £550
Chanel: BOY Chanel Fall 2013 Collection

Sooyoung IRO 2

IRO: Vanny Leather Varsity Jacket @ $1,240

Yuri Sandro

Sandro: Vacances Suede Moto Jacket @ $1,045

Yoona GGDB

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand: ‘Francy’ Cotton Canvas and Leather Star Sneakers @ $524

Seohyun Samantha Thavasa

Samantha Thavasa: ‘Maria E’ Shoulder Bag @ ~$217

As seen at: Incheon Airport, 04/28/2014

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  1. ferenity ·

    That Chanel boy bag looks so flimsy. I think Chanel should stop adding in the Chanel Boy series.

    On the side note, I like Yuri’s jacket. She could compete in this week’s best outfits.

    • miss mirror monster ·

      Well that’s what they get from a delicate leather bag that ages faster than other leathers. But true, they should’ve considered the state the leather is going to be in before designing such a humongous bag. Even though other bagaholics love aged leather, I just don’t find it appealing especially if it droops like that.

  2. Jerrysan ·

    Sunny’s bag also from chanel right?
    I agree yul should get outfit of the week coz she looks stunning as well as her hair.
    And i wonder where sica got her pokadot shirt from.