Tiffany: Juicy Couture
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Juicy Couture:
Faux Fox Fur Hat( in Coyote) @ $98
Covent Garden Pansies Jacket @ $104.99 

Juicy Couture:
Crystal Rhinestone Collar Necklace @ $104.99
Black Printed Panel Sweatshirt @ $175
Juicy Couture Faux Fur Puffer Vest@ $205.99

Juicy Couture:
Olivia Coat @ $478
Astor Wedge Boot @ $250

Juicy Couture: Touch of Fur Puffer @ $448

Juicy Couture:
Faux Fur Shrug @ $248
Essentially Everday Louisa Shoulder bag @ $148

Juicy Couture:
Black Wool/Faux Mink Combo Jacket @ £ 315
Theodora Shearling Tote @ $798

Juicy Couture: Stripe Turtleneck @ $150

Juicy Couture:
Melange Puffer Jacket @ $298
Wool and cashmere blend sweater @ € 180

 As seen in: High Cut Magazine, Volume 90

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  1. llc1281 ·

    gawd i haven’t been on here for so long. this outline/background er whatever it’s called is freaking beautiful. SSF style staffs y’all are freaking awesome.
    Fany~ah you are so gorgeous baby.

  2. pinkclover ·

    As usual, Fany looks absolutely stunning! I knew I recognised that jacket (the Olivia coat) from somewhere! She’s wearing it in the pap shots of her in Incheon airport for Nov 21. Wish I had a spare $478, it’s so cute and Fany has one 🙁