SNSD: Salvatore Ferragamo
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Salvatore Ferragamo: Spring 2012 RTW Collection
Multicolor Belted Silk Jumpsuit @ €1.260
Clementine Jacket In Silk Satin @ $2040

As seen at: 2012 M.Net’s 20 Choice Awards

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  1. Melody ·

    I love Fany’s hair, but the dress looks kinda odd on her. In my opinion, the dress looks way better on the model. Seohyun also looks really cute – I adore her blazer and heels (:

  2. Della ·

    The way Tiffany’s dress was altered does nothing for her figure but the color is fabulous! Seohyun’s ensemble just screams summer lol I really like it

    • cream ·

      I agree with you, it makes her hips look wider than what they are. I also hate the clunky heels that she is wearing with the dress, they are too heavy for light, flowy dress.

  3. fafa ·

    agree,, the dress doesn’t make tiffany figure looks better,,
    makes her looks a bit fat i think, especially when you compare it with the model
    the model is so skinny,,

  4. ZA. ·

    I’m so sorry for saying this, but when Tiffany wore that dress, the dress look cheap. But when the model wearing it, it looks expensive and glamor. But I like Tiffany’s make up more than Seohyun that make up make her look old. But I love Seohyun dress