Review: Adidas Climacool Seduction Shoes
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Review on Adidas Climacool Seduction shoes as seen on Jessica.

These Climacool Seduction shoes are brand new Adidas’ collection and I think everybody loves to use them, including Katy Perry and our Jessica. I brought them after I saw Katy and Jessica wore them. So here are my opinions about Adidas Climacool Seduction shoes.

Materials – the surface is really nice: strong and solid. It’s not so lightweight but it’s very comfortable to use even for several hours. The inside part is what I totally like about these shoes, so soft! The 360-degree ventilation features are specially made to reduce the hot temperature inside. So yes it’s comfortable.

Utilities – I usually wear these shoes for some activities, e.g. jogging. They are really good for sports. My feet stay cool while I enjoy my activities. I think it’s because the ventilation features in the upper side and the soles of these shoes.

Style – these shoes are available with 10 color options. Mine is pink, like Jessica’s. I think these shoes are the best ones to wear with casual outfits. Maybe like Jessica’s: long-sleeve tee and skinny jeans. Or perhaps combine these shoes with short pants. I guess these Adidas Climacool Seduction shoes will be good choice for upcoming summer!

Rating: 4.5/5

You can buy Adidas Climacool Seduction shoes here.

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  1. Crystal ·

    Agreed! I didn’t buy this pair but i did try them on and as an athlete, even i thought that they meshed very well for casual wear and for training! on the weight size you’re right, it’s not the lightest pair of shoes out there for training but it is a decent weight where it would feel like 10 pounds. Nice review!

  2. Luke ·

    LOL I still can’t stop laughing about her failed pitch >_<
    The shoes sound cool…I think i might buy them for my friend 🙂