Review: Juicy Couture
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Review on Juicy Couture: Fair Isle Ear Muff Headphones as seen on Hyoyeon

Firstly, i have to say that these Ear Muff Headphones are absolutely adorable. They’re stylish, comfortable and produce pretty good sound. I had been looking for heaphones that i could coordinate with my clothes and these were what i found! There are two colours, the ‘Angel Multi’ colour that is in the picture and the ‘Heather Prestige Multi’ colour that Hyoyeon is using (my personal favourite). you can take a look here.

Well, although these headphones are pretty pricey with a price of USD $98, but what can you expect from Juicy Couture? Besides, they’re extremely practical in the winter. Especially on those cold, gloomy winter days when you just want to take a stroll while listening to some good music without your ears getting frozen.Of course, the quality of sound coming from these cannot be compared to a brand like Beats by Dr Dre but then again you’re not paying $300+++

A downside to these headphones would be when summer comes around and it’s really hot. It would be hard not looking like a lunatic when you wear ear muffs in the middle of summer. So, you’d probably need to buy a different pair of earphones. On the bright side, you’ll need to buy earmuffs for the winter anyway, why don’t you just buy the combination! (:

Rating: 4/5

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