Review: DiorSnow UV Shield Pearly White
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Review on DiorSnow UV Shield Pearly White as seen with Jessica.

I love to use bb cream or liquid foundation in my daily make-up and this DiorSnow UV Pearly White is currently my favorite since it doesn’t ruin my make-up.

For an Asian girl like me, this sunscreen really works well on my skin. It applies in soft tone and makes a really good matte look. Also notice that this Pearly White version is special for its silver shimmer result. The texture is dry and smooth. It doesn’t make my skin looks too white or oily. I have no skin irritation and no side effects (like pimples – when I used some other bb cream).

The SPF50 deeply blocks the UV. But, since it works strongly, I must clean up my make-up with better cleanser and always make sure that the make-up is removed and the face is clean. If I don’t do that, the material can clog my pores. It’s important to know that this sunscreen doesn’t work well with powder foundation because it’s dry. I always use this underneath liquid foundation.

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. cream ·

    Nice review, I have always contemplated using BB cream as I tend to get sunspots or sunburnt easy when I’m in the sun a lot. I’m a big fan of powder foundation, so thanks for the review 🙂 I guess unfortunately this product is an out for me.