Tiffany: Juicy Couture, Beats by Dr. Dre
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Juicy Couture: Charcoal Faux Fur Jacket
Beats by Dr. Dre: Pink Studio @ $299.95

As seen at:  Incheon Airport 02/07/12

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    • Thomas Tran ·

      They are, I have the studios in Black and Red. Their sound is absolutely worth the price. The bass is magnificent. A step up from other headphone brands (Skullcandy, Sony, etc). Although it’s expensive, I believe it comes with a 1 year warranty. It’s well worth the money spent

      • Kelvin ·

        Skullcandy and Sony LOL bloody hopeless quality. Beats is a good brand. Just wish they’d extend the warranty :\ A 1 year local warranty is a little pathetic

      • Anon ·

        I find beats overpriced for their audio quality. Not to say that they are bad quality, but for $300 I would buy other brands (my Sennheiser HD500 babies and mid-high end UEs). Also personally I find the bass on Beats inappropriate for the majority of my music.
        Also LOL why did you even mention Skullcandy as a headphone brand. Overpriced, shitty quality and ugly as shit.

  1. _Spoon_ ·

    Pink beats? I didn’t even know they made them that color. Haha, leave it to Tiffany to find something pink! So awesome! 😀

  2. IheartmyBOO-THANG ·

    LOLOL, I just saw this in the photo section of SSF! I was like, “Dang, I didn’t even know they made pink Beats. ._.” And “Of course Fany would have them! xD”

  3. Maria ·

    So tiff, but she should have done what sunny did and had it customized, then again, what better way of describing her than pink 🙂

    • Tiffany ·

      Yeah. I’m wondering the same too. i just got a second pair of Bose headphones for Christmas and I was kind’ve debating if i should get Beats by Dr. Dre.