Review: Zara Combined Printed Shirt
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Review on Zara Combined Printed Shirt as seen on Jessica.

Firstly, I was so happy when I bought this shirt since I liked it from the first time I saw it and surprised that Jessica also wore the same one. Because this shirt wasn’t cheap, it took a good plan to buy this.

I really love the style of this shirt and pretty satisfying for me. It looks trendy and suitable to wear in formal and/or semi-formal occasions. Since animal-printed is one of fashion trends in my place, I totally make this shirt as my favorite. The color, which Zara named it “Camel” color, looks simply fine and adorable.

Based on my experiences, this Zara Combined Printed Shirt is hard to get rumpled and when I wash it, it’s easily to dry. It’s because this shirt is made from polyester material. But when I use this shirt in some outdoor events, I often feel like in a hot temperature and it’s also because this shirt is difficult to absorb sweat. So, I usually wear this shirt in normal or cold temperature areas. Overall, this shirt is stylish!

Rating: 4/5

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  1. GeeGee ·

    I am planning to buy this blouse however I have already tons of animal printed shirts. On the other hand, seeing Jessica wearing this, it feels different. I hope I can still find the same shirt…