SNSD: Elie Tahari, Johnny Hates Jazz
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Elie Tahari: Lucy Dress @ $238

Johnny Hates Jazz: Spring 2012 RTW Collection

As seen at the: 21st Seoul Music Awards

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  1. Della ·

    The way its cut at the bottom throws off the beautiful way its cut at the top (should have kept it straight) It would have looked much better with out those furry things. They look like something a rich kid would wear in a swimming pool lol

  2. cream ·

    I’m not quite sure why their stylist has this incessant need to shorten everything. It cheapens a dress so much because the girls’ stylists shortens their dresses to the point where it just looks absolutely tacky, ruining a good dress. Short doesn’t always equal sexy, it equals cheap.

    • Della ·

      I have to agree. I can understand if it was shortened
      to accommodate Tiffany’s height but it clearly was taken
      too far……..up.