SNSD: J.ESTINA, James Jeans, Missoni, Kai-aakman
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Missoni: Fall 2011 RTW

J.ESTINA: Floral Pop Backpack @ ~$405

J.ESTINA: Manhattan Backpack @ ~$539

James Jeans: Jagger 5-Pocket Super Skinny In Shadow Studded @ ~$494

J.ESTINA: Calla Boston Bag @ ~$346

James Jeans: Jagger Black Coated @ $194

J.ESTINA: Victoria Easy Bag @ ~$253

James Jeans: Jagger 5-Pocket Super Skinny In Gold Brown @ ~$494

J.ESTINA: Manhattan Clutch @ kr ~$370

J.ESTINA: Manhattan Backpack @ ~$365

J.ESTINA: Victoria Small Shoulder Bag @ ~$357

Kai-aakman: Front-plate Graphic Shirt @ ~$101

J.ESTINA: Camelia Drawstring Bag @ ~$440

J.ESTINA: Camelia Bag @ ~$432

All seen at: J.ESTINA Fansign Event, December 4, 2011

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  1. starry daisy ·

    May I know if the floral pop backpack the one hold by Jessica or Hyoyeon?

    on a side note, the girls are looking gorgeous > <

  2. agnez ·

    i love sunny’s boots! may I know there they are from/ if there are similar styles?sunny’s style is perfect for petite girls ^^

  3. Della ·

    This is my first time posting after following this site for so long and I came on here to say…..I MUST GET THOSE JEANS that Tiffany has on!

  4. Mariana_PLP ·

    this seohyun look was talked a lot about
    because yonghwa seens to have the same tshirt
    for me the most interesting is not about the couple, but how seohyun can wear something that maybe are for man (or for both, whatever) and looks so feminine
    its really a inspiration