Tiffany: Who Wore It Better?
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As seen in Vogue Japan July Issue, Tiffany was wearing Emilio Pucci Body Con Dress from the Spring 2011 Ready To Wear Collection. She was styled with Jimmy’s Choo Lance Metallic Leather Sandals, and soft waves with an angled bang. Tiffany gives sweet feel to the dress.

Rihanna was spotted with the same dress during a dinner party in Italy. She accessorize with silver pointed pumps, a beehive giving a sixties spin to the dress.

While Iconic Australian singer Kylie also wore the same dress to the launch of Aphrodite Les Folies tour in Brisbane, Australia. She paired the dress with silver sandal pumps also from Jimmy Choo. With beach blonde waves, and red nails she look every bit like a goddess.

All three gorgeous ladies gave a different charm to the dress, so who wore it better. The brunette, the red head or the blonde?

Who Wore it Better?

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  1. gh0st_gurl ·

    Tiffany. I don’t think it compliments Rihanna’s skin tone and Kylie was too pale for this color, or maybe it’s just the lighting. But yea, i think Fany did it best. Plus, her shoes are <333

  2. random_luv ·

    Specifically focusing on their hair color, Tiffany’s works best for that shade of blue. Rihanna’s and Kylie’s colors are too bright for the already bright and flashy dress. If the major piece is bright everything else needs to be simple and mute to counteract it.

  3. Joanna ·

    I don’t know what to do since I gotta say that both Tiffany and Kylie wear it the best!
    The dress just don’t look really pair up with Rihanna’s skin tone since the dress she wear seems to be too bright for her.
    But for Tiffany and Kylie, I have to say they look simply gorgeous and feminine looks on them is wow!

  4. Jae ·

    I’m not being biased, but I really do think that Tiffany wore it better. I don’t think that the dress goes well with Rihanna’s skin tone. Kylie also comes in as a close second, it looks good on her too but I think it suited Tiffany the best 🙂

  5. RUka ·

    Hm, no bias there but I think Fany wins it hands down ! Lighting does play an important part when we’re just presented with photos since Fany’s dress looks vibrant and deeper colour than Kylie’s, despite being the same dress.

    Aside, the dress looks more form fitting in Fany’s photo

  6. 'Indah Nurul Khairunnisa' ·

    My Fany Fany Tiffany look better and more beautiful …… …… 1000% difference :)…Fany you really captivating!!! REALLY….!!!

  7. Alicia Lopulalan ·

    I prefer Tiffany not only because she’s my bias:
    1. her body (please, no debate on how slender is her body)
    2. her skin color, matches that type of blue (but Kylie’s skin color is matching it right too)
    3. her hair. (make the blue color looks sooooo contrast!)

    personally I think Tiffany’s real opponent is Kylie, but then I prefer Tiffany because…. lol. ^^
    but I still think that Kylie’s heels looks nice, Tiffany should wear it to complete the looks.