Review: Nintendo DSi
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Review on Nintendo DSi as seen on Taeyeon, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Yuri, Yoona and Sunny.

Last month my sister gave me a Nintendo DSi XL, a maroon one. The different among this one with other types of Nintendo is probably the size. The larger costs you more than the smaller ones. After using it for couple days, I have my own thought about this Nintendo.

Features: I think the features in Nintendo are so cool. Yes I can’t deny that. It has nice surround sound. You can play from Mario Bros to Sonic and even movies-adapted ones like Tomb Raider and Harry Potter (oh that’s my favorite!) Whenever I play, it’s not slow-moving. I mean the touch screen, the loadings, etc are just in the right time.  I also like the camera feature. Though it’s not a HD camera but it’s fun to capture some photos and edit them there. You can post you photos to Facebook through this Nintendo because it has wireless system. The wireless system also allows you to play with your friends.

The use: The battery capacity is good so you can play comfortably without worrying the battery will dry very quick. You can enjoy playing with Nintendo in your free time, in any place since it’s portable and lightweight. But for a busy student or worker, it’s not too useful if you buy Nintendo because it’s possible that you’re going to use it so rarely (unless if you just want to keep it ^^)

Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. Dan ·

    Just a note that SNSD advertised for the Nintendo DSi and not the Nintendo DSi XL. The only difference between the two is that the XL has a larger screen and is more expensive. Neither the DSi nor the DSi XL feature a 3D screen though, this is only found in the Nintendo 3DS that was released earlier this year and that SNSD did not advertise for.

  2. geekwang ·

    Thanks for the feedbacks SONEs! Yes it’s Nintendo 3DS that has 3D feature. SNSD did not advertised Nintendo 3DS but as you saw the title of this post. It’s Nintendo DSi. Thanks anyway!