SNSD: Sparkly Eye Makeup Tutorial
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  1. cream ·

    Great tutorial! You apply the eyeliner so quickly and evenly, usually I take forever with it ahaha Can’t wait to see more tutorials from you!~ <3

  2. Aafro ·

    OMG! You’ve got Fany’s nails xD Thank you sooo much for this video! I’ll try it out as soon as possible! <3

  3. Aafro ·

    Yeah, I saw that..and then sorta realized that you have Fany nails for a reason >.< Lol, they look really pretty <3

  4. Mariana_PLP ·

    the thing is that the shine botton part, is actually a “tear drop liner” that you can buy in the twofacemall and not only snsd, but a lot of korean use
    i think that you obviously can do it with eyeshadow, but this korean liner is more bright, so for who wants the perfect result its better
    TTS use a lot