Seohyun: Forever 21, TOMS
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Forever21: Sophisticated Briefcase Bag @  $34.80

TOMS: Brown Stripe Rope Sole Women’s Classics @ $54

Thanks to Amm for the tip!

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  1. miss mirror monster ·

    yeah, i noticed the buckle too. i thought the camera angle just played with it so i still went ahead thinking it’s a mulberry. nice id tho!

  2. kasia3goguma ·

    Are You sure that this is F21 bag? Cause they look a bit different!
    Still LOVE this look, Seo looks amazing <3

  3. kasia3goguma ·

    soshifast – I watched more pics, and I was wrong, it’s the same bag! It’s just this pic made me delusional 😉
    Great that You find it 🙂

  4. meds129 ·

    this bag is sooo cute so when i clicked on the forever21 link i couldn’t resist but to go ahead and buy it(^-^)