Jessica: Half-Tied and Wavy Hair
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You might need:

Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics $2.99
For you to easily pull out your hair.
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Conair 1 1/4″ Instant Heat Curling Iron, Model CD82JCS $15.99
It features an automatic shut-off, 60 second instant heat-up, 25 heat settings, turbo heat, and uniform heat recovery system.
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Sexy Hair Big Sexy What a Tease $15.95
Provides your hair with massive height that is easy to shape and style.
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1) Wet your hair or even better after you took a bath, dry your hair with a blow dryer.
2) When your hair is 80% dry, spray your hair with Sexy Hair Big Sexy What a Tease from the roots down to the tips of your hair.
3) Take a part of your hair above the ears and pull it back. Then, tie it with Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics or any elastic band.
4) Using the Conair 1 1/4″ Instant Heat Curling Iron, Model CD82JCS, first, twirl the tied part of your hair. Then, take 3-4 layers thick from the bottom of the free part and twirl it, and do the same with the rest.
5) When your finish curling your hair, wrap a brown ribbon around the covered band as many times as it goes.
6) Secure the ribbon in place using a hair pin.

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