SNSD: Hair Color (Music Station 06/03/2011)
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Hair color updates!!
Based on the recent Music Station performance!!

They look soooooo gorgeous :D

Watch out for the “notes”!


Taeyeon dyed her ends with blonde color

Jessica Sunny Tiffany Sooyoung Yuri Yoona Seohyun

They basically have the same base color but different treatments (highlight, wash, etc) result in small differences
As for Yuri , she has platinum blonde highlights


You could buy some from here US$7.49

As requested by Chang

Note: Update based on guesses. Not guaranteed 100% exact match.
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  1. leslie ·

    All of them are so gorgeous with whatever hair color. Seriously I don’t know why people are complaining about Hyo’s hair being in that style it’s beautiful on her. Plus it’s normal hair-do comparing to her other wild ones. :)

  2. hayden ·

    Does Garnier Nutrisse work on dark natural hair ?
    I currently have dark brown hair, and I don’t wanna bleach them…

  3. chau Pham ·

    ummm I wanna dye my hair like yoona!! When I went to the drugstore website that u have given and I found the dark mahogany brown but the pix of the box is different, I was wondering If it turn out the same as yoona???!! Plzz email me, plzz answer me question